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Cover Letter Types

See your cover letter in 4 different ways. You just only need one click to change the feel of the Cover Letter. Finally, you can download your favourite.



This is the standard format of a cover letter. This is an ideal to sell yourself as a job candidate.



Artistic cover letter type emphasizes your artistic skills more over your work experience. This can grab the recruiters’ impression quickly towards you.



This is a very professional and well-organized cover letter type to impress your future employer.


Service Oriented

This particular cover letter type focused more on your work experience and your accomplishments.

Get your Cover Letter done with the Best Cover Letter Builder

The current job market is too competitive and it is too stressful to apply for a job. Even for people with a high level of skills and a lot of experience. We understand that job hunting is a headache. But all of these issues will affect you until you get the perfect cover letter. Optimize your cover letter or build your new cover letter with us. You don’t need to worry about the job search anymore.

Our cover letter builder will help you to make an amazing cover letter along with cover letter examples written by our team of experts. If you need to get more impression on yourself, try using Priwoo cover letter builder for free to draft your tailored cover letter.

Free Cover Letter Builder

Priwoo is an automated Cover Letter Generator. You don’t need the knowledge of making a cover letter. Get your own tailored Cover Letter done in 5 easy steps in as little as 10 minutes.

Build your cover letter in 5 steps

Why Priwoo is the Best Cover Letter Builder in 2021?

Writing a resume is easy with Priwoo Cover Letter Builder

It had never been easy for someone to build a cover letter. And for those with extensive experience, the question is how to properly write a cover letter because they don’t know the art of writing a cover letter. Yet it’s no longer a dream for those who use our free cover letter builder in 2021 to get a decent quality cover letter. You just have to answer a few basic questions. You will finally get a tailored cover letter.

Professional Typography are used

Through the professional fonts in our cover letter builder, we assured your cover letter with high readability and a polished look. Most importantly, as they have highly legible fonts, that will help your cover letter to get past not only the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) but also the 6-second recruiter’s scan too.

Priwoo is the fastest Cover Letter Builder

Within 10 minutes, you can have your cover letter ready. You need to perform a simple task like answering a few questions. After that, our algorithm goes through a big process, but it’s going to return you quickly with a super job-winning cover letter.

A full-page cover letter for anyone with any skill level

Are you upset because you don’t have a lot of experience? Now you don’t need to worry about your level of experience. For anyone with any experience level, we have different styles of cover letters. Everyone gets the chance to get a full-page cover letter from our free cover letter builder. Priwoo cover letter builder knows exactly which type of cover letter suits for anyone. Hence, your level of experience or age does not in any way hinder your ability to get a good and personalized cover letter.

Priwoo follows the cover letter standards

Priwoo cover letter builder is familiar with the 2021 cover letter standard. So you don’t need to worry about either the cover letter format or the cover letter structure. All of our cover letter types are made by complying with the best practices.

Priwoo will describe your work gaps eloquently

We will cleverly hide them out for you. Our free cover letter creator will ask whether you have any work gaps, or not. If yes, it will produce you a customized cover letter. And it will certainly hide the negative perception of your job holes from the recruiters or hiring managers.

What to include in a Job-winning Cover Letter in 2021?

cover letter sections
  • 1


    As you already know, you need to provide your contact information in a cover letter header same as in a resume header. It is very important if you can use the same header for the covering letter and resume. That makes it easier for the hiring manager to know that both are of the same person. You have to include your first name and family name, your location, contact number, a professional email address and a URL of a professional profile such as LinkedIn.

  • 2

    Recipient and the Date

    After putting your contact details next you have to put the recipient’s information. On some occasions, the name of the company is put in the first line and then the name and the address of the recipient. After that you may put the date you are writing the cover letter.

  • 3


    This is your first and best chance to be friendly with the recruiter. So when you have the name of the contact person, try your best to address the person directly. For instance you can use, “Dear Mr.Jackson” OR “Dear Ms.Heather”. But in cases where you do not know the exact details of the recipient you may use: “Dear Hiring Manager” OR “Dear [Company Name] Recruiter”.

  • 4


    what position you are applying for, why you should choose to be interviewed, how to contact you later are the things that you must include in your cover letter body.

  • 5

    Call to action

    Though it is the final step, this should be the most accurate. Writing a just call to action like “I am looking forward to hearing from you” is not enough. You have to show your enthusiasm to join the company. That will definitely motivate the recruiter to call you back.

  • 6


    Close the cover letter with a formal ending like “Sincerely” OR “Yours truly”. Do not end with informal ways such as “Cheers” or “Adios”, because this is a professional document. Finally you can put your signature if it is a hard copy. Or else you can type your name and the contact information.

Try these Cover Letter Tips on yours

Be yourself

You have to keep your professionalism as well as the politeness in your cover letter. But be yourself and direct. Avoid phrases such as “Dear sir or madam” instead you can greet them by directly using their name such as “Dear John”. Do not lie on your cover letter. Provide only true information about yourself. But you can use more powerful verbs such as initiated, lead, developed etc.

Check for grammar and spelling errors

Mistakes on your cover letter will do severe damage for your job search. Because none of the recruiters does not like to hire a person who makes spelling and grammar mistakes on their cover letter or resume. Therefore, proofread your cover letter before it is submitted.

Tailor with keywords

As in resume writing, here also relevancy is very important. You need to tailor your cover letter with the keywords. Sometimes the employer requests some skills from the potential customers to have with them via job advertisement. So it is better to include those skill sets wisely on your cover letter. That’s why customized cover letters are always proven success.

In our cover letter builder, we provide you to choose up to 3 skills. And it will ask which word describes you and how would others describe you. These are great places to include keywords to your cover letter from the job posting and it will also impress the recruiter.

Use a good cover Letter Font

Your cover letter should always maintain professionalism. So when you write a cover letter, choose a good font in 10-12 point size. Do not go below 10 points as it will make your cover letter illegible. And don’t go over 12 points as it will make your cover letter a bit unprofessional. Also, the cover letter font should not be a “fun font” at all. We recommend Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman as some suitable fonts to use in your resumes.

Format your cover letter

Keep 1 to 0.75-inch margins on all 4 sides of the cover letter. Cover letters should be spaced either single or 1.15 points. Choose a good font in 10 or 12 point size. Also, you need to keep a space between each and every section of your cover letter. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes on your cover letter. Do proofread before it is submitted to the employer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes a Good Cover Letter?

A good cover letter should motivate the recruiter to read your resume or to contact you for an interview. At the same time it must be tailored to the specific job with the keywords of job posting. That type of cover letter will make you stand out from the crowd.

What is an Online Cover Letter Builder?

An online cover letter builder is a software, an application or a tool which provides the platform to create a cover letter via the internet. They will provide professional templates as well the best cover letter tips to make your one effective.

Who can use Priwoo Cover Letter Builder?

Our cover letter maker is designed to be easy for anyone to use. You may be a fresh graduate, intern, entry level professional, mid level staff or highly experienced managers. Regardless of what you are or how much experience you have, you can use our tool without any problem. This is the perfect tool for you, especially if you are frustrated by the traditional ways of creating cover letters. Also Priwoo cover letter builder is free to use by any professional in any job industry.

Why does a One-Size-Fits-All cover letter doesn’t work?

You need to avoid the one-size-fits-all approach when crafting your cover letter. Sending the same copy & pasted letters will not impress the recruiters. When it comes to the job hunt, you need to focus more on the cover letter’s quality than the quantity. Therefore it is much more effective to send customized cover letters for each job application rather than sending old boilerplate cover letters. This strategy will let the recruiter know that you are truly keen to join the company.

What are the additional services Priwoo cover letter builder offer?

Priwoo is a complete package of creating your career tools. We offer:

  • Cover Letter Builder
  • Resume Builder
  • Professional Resume Review
  • Career Blog Articles

Is Priwoo Cover Letter Generator totally free of charge?

Yes indeed. Priwoo cover letter builder is 100% free to use and you can download your cover letter in PDF format for free.