How to Write a Perfect Resume for 2020: Complete Guide

Everyone has a passion for doing a job with confidence which they can also enjoy and have a better work/life balance. To apply for the job openings, you must have a perfect resume with you. That allows you to face the interviews as well as to get a great position in the job market.

Currently, there is a huge competition to get selected for an interview. So there is a significant probability of being rejected your resume. Nowadays, more than 60% of companies in the world use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline their hiring process. So to get into the shortlist, you have to have a powerful resume that can outsmart this Application Tracking System.

So do you know how to make a perfect resume and resume tips for 2020? Are you aware of the Resume mistakes? It is essential to be aware of all the above things when creating a perfect resume. So why are you waiting? Take this quick read and bring your resume to the next level.

resume tips

Best Tips to Write an Impressive Resume

Add your contact details

Resume header is the place where you put all your contact information on your resume. You should be smart to think about what to include and what not to include in your resume header. Because there are some details which can be harmful to your job search. So it is best to avoid adding them on your resume.

There are some key details which you must include on contact details. Let’s figure them out, respectively.

Name – This must be the biggest text on your resume and it should have good visibility too. When you write your name you have to place your full name which means your first name and last name. You can make this bold to view it more clear.

Job title – Below your name you have to mention your job title. This maybe your current job title or your desired position. If you have any certification which relates to your field, mention that here. This will add more value to your resume. Eg: Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

Email – Make sure you have a professional email address. If you do not have one, the first thing you have to do is to create a professional email address with a good email service provider. Try to make your email by including your first name and last name.

If and only if the email is not available you can include any unique number beside your name. Do not add any jargon or fancy words on your email address. And also never add a work email on your resume. The email you add on your resume should be very personal to you.

Good example –
Bad example –

Phone number – You should never include more than one phone number in your resume. Do not include any official telephone numbers. It is sufficient to mention only one active number of yours which is very personal to you.

Address -Hiring managers do need to know your location. But not your street or home number. They just wanted to know whether you are close to the working place or not. So including the city and the state is enough as your address.

LinkedIn URL – In present most of the hiring managers use LinkedIn to research the candidates. So that they can know your professional life to the deep. Having a URL of a well maintained LinkedIn profile will increase the job-winning chances.

Other than this information some candidates are used to add information like gender, marital state, salary expectation, date of birth, nationality etc. But that information is considered as irrelevant on a resume. Because this information can discriminate against you.

Create a Super Summary

This section mainly focuses on who you are and what you have to offer. It needs to convey your experience, results-oriented and even your personality. Try to indicate the problems you solved and the skills that help you to give the solution. But remember to not to give the entire story of yourself in this section as this is your summary section. The summary section is something like a nice story of yourself. The rest of the resume is used as proof of your story.

We identified four main components which you should include in your Summary Sections to make a perfect resume.

  • Your Title :- This could be the job title you are seeking for.
  • Your skills or the tagline :- We recommend that you include at least three skills of you in here.
  • Paragraph of Information :- This is ideal if you include two to five sentences by telling what did you do in your company to achieve certain goals and the results of it.
  • Core competencies section :- This is the key words or key phrases that explains your expertise. Make sure you include the keywords or keyphrases from the job posting. List your core competencies together with a vertical line surrounded by two spaces. This could definitely help you to get past an ATS system.

This tip will help you to build a great summary section.

Add a Super Job Description

Many candidates do not know how to write a job description properly. So take this as an advantage. Most of the candidates used to write their job duties and job responsibilities in this section. But that is an old way to describe your job. In 2020 you have to list your achievements here. Bullet points with quantified results will amaze a recruiter as they would love to see your performances. Fine-tune the bullet points with some outstanding resume action verbs.

Don’t forget to tailor your resume with the keywords and keyphrases from the job description. This will increase the relevancy of your resume by multiple times which will be a good impact on your job search.

Add relevant educational qualifications

Most of the employees prefer more educational qualifications over work experience for some positions. In those cases, you need to add more relevant educational qualifications on your resume to make it a perfect resume. When listing your educational qualifications keep in mind that you must list them in reverse-chronological order. In other words, you need to list the highest educational qualification first and then the others.

The next thing you need to consider when writing your education section on your resume is to know what to include in this section. You need to insert the institute name which you graduated, location, the date graduated etc on this section. But what if you need to insert GPA? This will be a serious issue if you insert your GPA in your resume if it is less than 3.0. To be on the safe side you would better not to insert it. But no problem at all if the GPA is 3.0 or above.

What else can you place in your education section on your resume? If you have any related certifications and awards, this is the place to include them also. So that you don’t need to have a separate section to include them. It will shorten the length of your resume too.

Highlight your Skills

Skill section is an equally important part of your resume similar to work experience and education sections. Because most of the recruiters like to hire skilful persons for the vacant positions. However, you may have different kinds of skills. But the key for a job-winning resume is that you should include only the relevant set of skills. This is also a great way to tailor your resume with keywords.

Search for the skills which are mentioned in the job posting and use them in your resume effectively. There may be hard skills as well as soft skills. Mix both of them and include in your resume. It is better to include up to 8-10 different skills.

Add Accomplishment Driven Bullet Points

Bullet points are very important for a resume. If you are a person with experience you should definitely include bullet points as they tell the hiring managers what their greatest achievements are.

It will be a plus point for sure if you are able to add powerful action verbs such as; organized, increased, implemented, advised etc. Action verbs are ideal to strengthen your resume with a good impression. Therefore always construct bullet points with action verbs followed by the task and then followed by your achievement. Never mind if you switch the result and task when you write the bullet point. Also, hiring officials like to see quantifiable results in your resume. So add quantified results or numbers in your bullet points. That would definitely be a bonus point for you.

Eg: Increased Alexa Rating of client’s website by 500% within 12 months by using SEO skills.

Make an ATS Optimized Resume

Applicant Tracking System is an automated system used by hiring companies to send your resumes through, to choose whether you are a good match for a specific position. It filters the best match for the position. So you need to have an ATS friendly resume to get past.

What you have to do is simple. Include the keywords and keyphrases from the exact job posting on your resume. This will help you to get past the Applicant Tracking System.

Format your Resume

Using a good resume format is a must in 2020 to make your resume stand out. The most popular resume format is Chronological format which gives more focus to your work experience and describes your details in reverse chronologically which means your most recent job first and then the others respectively. The functional resume format is a kind of resume which focuses on candidates skills and expertise. This format is mostly used by amateurs.

Including tables, graphics and text boxes might add some beauty on your resume. But the problem is that it will not help you to get past Applicant Tracking System. So, eliminate all the things except the data and information.

Hiring professionals and HR managers want to be able to find the exact information on the exact spot of the resume. So do not focus on the creativity of your resume design and the layout. Just use a proper resume format and include the information with greater visibility. That will help them to make their job easier and also will help you to get more job interview opportunities.

common resume mistakes

Avoid these mistakes to have a perfect resume

  • Mistake #01 – Using an objective statement is completely outdated. Instead, it is better to provide a professional summary or a professional profile of yourself. 
  • Mistake #02 – Listing Job Descriptions is another mistake. Job description only describes the tasks that you have done in your previous positions. But it does not depict either your achievements or the impact that you have made. So try to state a positive impact or achievements that you have made on your previous jobs. 
  • Mistake #03 – Not knowing how long a resume should be. If you have the experience less than five years, then limit the resume to a page or else limit it to two pages. Do not tend to include too many details of yourself on the resume but the most important things. 
  • Mistake #04 – Do not use the same resume every time. A resume should be specific and it must be amended as per the job description that you are applying. This will help you to get more attention of the recruiter towards your resume than other resumes. 
  • Mistake #05 – Spelling and grammar mistakes will reject your resume for sure. So before submitting the resume, try to review it with some of your best friends or someone who qualified, provide them with the hard copies of your resume so that they can be your proofreaders. They might come across the errors if there are any.

How to tailor your resume to any position?

Before making a resume for a job opening, you must do research about the particular company. Then you have to find the information about the job role which you are going to apply. There are so many sources that you can get these kinds of information such as; company’s website, social media sites, LinkedIn company pages etc. Also, try to collect some information from the employees who already work on the relevant company. The job posting is also a great place to have a brief idea about the company or the job role. So you can easily find some keywords related to the job position, and you can add those keywords or keyword phrases directly on to your resume. Use those keywords directly to form some sentences which can emphasize your values or skills.

What are the main sections of a Resume?

The top half

This area must include your contact information and a professional summary about yourself. The recruiter will have the first impression of you through this section.

Work experience

Here you have to include your previous job positions with the accomplishments oriented and results-driven with your effort. Remember to insert some keywords and quantify your performance in this section.


Here you have to describe honestly and accurately your educational background. It will help recruiters to get to know whether you are a perfect fit for the job role or not.


If you have any soft skills or hard skills, this is where you should mention them, and it is better to state volunteer experiences, honours and awards if you have any.

How to get the reader’s attention through your resume?

  • Font Selection: Do not select any fancy fonts to write your resume. A resume must be a professional. So it should be written with a professional font. As an example, it is recommended to use font types such as Verdana, Cambria, Gill Sans etc. But not the font types like Chalkboard, Brush Scripts etc. 
  • Font size: It is recommended that the font size should in between 10-12. If the font size is smaller than 10 points, it will show that you are going to insert too much of information for your resume. On the other side, if the font size is larger than 14 points, it will give the sense that you do not have enough to offer. 
  • Headlines: Headlines should be noticeable. You can bold, capitalized or underlined the headlines in order to easily notice them. But do not overuse them because that might spoil the resume. 
  • Margins: Do not go smaller than 0.75-inch margin or larger than 1-inch margin. 

Your resume plays a major role before you get the job. So make sure you have the ideal resume to submit because that makes the first impression of the recruiter about yourself. Keep in mind that a perfect resume can turn your life.