How to Write a Perfect Resume for 2021

Everyone has a passion for doing a job with confidence which they can also enjoy and have a better work/life balance. To apply for the job openings, you must have a perfect resume with you. That allows you to face the interviews as well as to get a great position in the job market.

Currently, there is a huge competition to get selected for an interview. So there is a significant probability of being rejected your resume. Nowadays, more than 60% of companies in the world use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline their hiring process. So to get into the shortlist, you have to have a powerful resume that can outsmart this Application Tracking System.

So do you know how to make a perfect resume and resume tips for 2021? Are you aware of the Resume mistakes? It is essential to be aware of all the above things when creating a perfect resume. So why are you waiting? Take this quick read and bring your resume to the next level.

Best Tips to Write an Impressive Resume

resume tips

Tip #01 – Arrange your contact details in professional order

Resume header is a kind of a business card that includes your contact information in the resume. Though there are so many horizontal and vertical headers, a horizontal header is the best choice because it is readable, formal and it can highlight your name. However when you make your resume do not start it by putting ‘resume’ as the title. Not only that you should be smart to think about what to include and what not to include in your resume header. Because some details can be harmful to your job search. So it is best to avoid adding them to your resume.

There are some key details which you must include on the contact information section. Let’s figure them out, respectively.

Full Name – Your full name is the first text and should be the biggest (and bold or caps) text that has good visibility on your resume. It is important to note that full name means your first name and last name. Especially consider putting a professional name to your resume but that name should be the same with your LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, and portfolio website. Keep in mind that putting a fancy name will damage your image.

Job title – The majority of resume writers skip this part unconsciously. The job title maybe your current job title or your desired position. You have to mention your job title in a smaller font below your name. Always use professional titles and never use fancy buzzword job titles. But if you have any certification which relates to your field, mention that here. This will add more value to your resume. Eg: Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

Email – Make sure you have a professional email address. If you do not have a professional Email address the first thing you have to do is create a professional email address with a good and free email service provider such as Gmail. When you create a new Email address use these hints. The combination of your first and last name and “” works great and special to note that not to add any jargon or fancy words to your email address. If and only if the email address that combines your first and last names is not available you can include any unique number beside your name. However, the email you add on your resume should be very personal to you. When you are submitting your resume online don’t use your current work email and send it from the Email that you mention in the resume.

Good Example : – /
Bad Example :-  /

Phone number – You should include an active phone number that you use most commonly but do not include any official telephone number.

Address – Though this part call address you do not need to mention your full address because hiring managers do need to know your location. Therefore including the city and the state is enough as your address.

Optional social Media Links – Mentioning your twitter, LinkedIn, personal Website or Facebook links in your resume is optional. But if you are interested in making them public it is important to consider whether the names of each account are the same as your resume name.

  • LinkedIn URL – In present most of the hiring managers use LinkedIn to research the candidates. So that they can know your professional life to the deep. Having a URL of a well maintained LinkedIn profile will increase the job-winning chances.
  • Twitter – Enter your twitter link only if you use it for business purposes. But if you maintain a very personal and fancy twitter account do not mention the link in the resume. Because that will damage your image and even lose your job opportunity.
  • Personal Website – If you maintain a professional and online portfolio that updates your past and recent achievements you can add those links on your resume. That will help you to prove your skills and experiences, as well as the hiring managers can estimate your ability through that online portfolio.
  • Facebook Profile – The majority of Facebook users use their Facebook profile as a very personal social media account. Therefore adding the Facebook account link in your resume will cause you to lose your job opportunity because you may post alcohol or any other photos that harm your professional life on your Facebook account. So it is important to note that if you add the Facebook link in your resume check whether there is any harmful post in your profile.

Other than this information some candidates are used to add information like gender, marital state, salary expectation, date of birth, nationality etc. But that information is considered as irrelevant on a resume. Because this information can discriminate against you.

Tip #02 – Create a Super Summary

The recruiter will consider your resume summary after checking out the resume header. The function of the resume summary is providing a brief description of your experience, personality, and unique skills. Not only that you can explain how your unique personality will support the company to achieve its goals. Indirectly the hiring managers are able to draft your professional background earlier. Generally hiring managers are keen on the best applicant. Therefore, try to compress your best accomplishments within this tiny paragraph. At first sight, the recruiter will impress and tend to read your resume at a greater distance.

The resume summary presents the trailer of your resume. On the other hand, the rest of the resume provides proof for the trailer. However, use relevant action verbs and quantified metrics such as percentages and years to increase the standard of your resume. But remember to use a very short paragraph which means limit it to 3-4 sentences.

Visit our resume summary guide for more details.

Tip #03 – List relevant  work Experience only

Many candidates do not know how to write a job description properly, Because the majority of candidates used to write their job duties and job responsibilities in this section. But listing down your achievements under the work experience is the latest trend in resume writing. Furthermore, bullet points with quantified results will amaze a recruiter as they would love to see your performances. But it is special to note that using appropriate action verbs at the beginning of the bullet points will add more points to your resume.

Don’t forget to tailor your resume with the keywords and keyphrases from the job description. This will increase the relevancy of your resume by multiple times which will be a good impact on your job search. See below example.

Sales Manager | RDE Technologies, New York
January 2009– September 2019

  • Received Employee of the year 2012 award for increasing the customer transactional rates by 35% 
  • Supervised a team of 10 employees who had exceeded the sales targets by over 15% each year.
  • Promoted into a senior position in 2015 after Maintaining and increasing the sales rates by 10% each year.

Tip #04 – Add relevant educational qualifications

Most of the employees prefer more educational qualifications over work experience for some positions. In those cases, you need to add more relevant educational qualifications on your resume to make it a perfect resume. Keep in mind to list down your educational qualifications in reverse-chronological order. That means you need to list the highest educational qualification first and then the others.  Other than that if you have any related certifications and awards, this is the place to include them also. So that you don’t need to have a separate section to include them. It will shorten the length of your resume too.

However when you enter your educational details on your resume especially you need to insert the institute name which you graduated, location, the date graduated etc. But if you want to insert the GPA in your resume, take your final decision whether you insert it or not after knowing the correct GPA. Because if the GPA is 3.0 or above it will impact on your image well. On the other hand if the GPA is less than 3.0 it will harm your image.

Good Example :

MA Literature in English (2019)
University of California, CA, USA
GPA – 3.75 

BA literature in English (2015)
Columbia University, NY, USA
GPA – 3.66

Tip #05 – Highlight your Skills

Generally, the recruits are keen on applicants who have unique skills. Because skills are more essential to work with in a company. Mainly all applicants have to have soft skills. On the other hand, some professions require technical or hard skills from the applicants. Therefore share both hard and soft skills as necessary. But it is important to note that you should include the relevant skills only. That is a significant tip of a job-winning resume. If the job advertisement requires specific skills from the applicants, directly add them to your skill section. Try to add at least 8 – 10 skills.

Tip #06 – Make an ATS Optimized Resume

Simply Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software robot that is specialized to check the resume standards. The majority of hiring managers give their requirement standards to the  Applicant Tracking System based on the specific position. Then it filters the best matching resumes for the position. Therefore you have to create an ATS friendly resume to qualify for the position.

Here are some more details that you should know about the ATS. When you send your resume online check whether your resume is in PDF, doc, .docx, or plain text format. But among those formats the majority of applicants use and experts recommend the resumes in  PDF format. However, you have to consider whether the format does not highlight too many graphics than text. Because, if the resume format highlights too many graphics ATS will fail to read your content. Then your resume will be rejected at the first step and recruiters or hiring managers will not even see your resume. It is special to note that you should never send your resume as an image file such as .png .jpeg, .jpg, etc.

ATS always checks the relevancy of your resume based on the keywords and key phrases  that are required for certain job positions. Therefore what you have to do is find out the keywords and key  phrases that are related to the job position from the job advertisement and add them into your resume when you talk about your skills and experience.

We invite you to create your resume through Priwoo resume builder and then you do not need to worry about the ATS friendliness. Because we totally produce ATS friendly PDF resumes.

Tip #07 – Choose the best resume format

Using a good resume format is a must in 2021 to make your resume stand out. It is important to have a good idea about resume formats to choose what is the best format according to the position that you apply. There are three types of resume formats. They are,

Chronological Resume Format – If your job position requires and seeks more work experience you can choose this format and you have to list down your work experience and education qualifications from the latest to oldest.

Functional Resume Format – If you are applying for a job that requires and seeks your skills and abilities more, this format suits you because this format mainly highlights the skills and abilities of the applicant.

Combination Resume Format (Hybrid Resume Format) – If your job position requires both experience and skills you can choose this format. Because in this format usually resumes are divided into separate columns and highlight both skills and work experience.

After selecting the format which suits you, these tips also will help you to create a perfect resume. Though tables, graphs and graphics may beautify your resume they will disturb the Applicant Tracking System to read the content of your resume well. Therefore do not focus on the creativity of your resume design and the layout. Just use a proper resume format and include the information with greater visibility. That will help Hiring professionals and HR managers to find the exact information on the exact spot of your resume and also will help you to get more job interview opportunities.

common resume mistakes

Avoid these mistakes from your resume

Mistake #01: Adding an objective statement

Though there is a brief that the objective statement is suitable for entry-level job seekers while resume summary is suitable for experienced job seekers, the objective statement is now outdated. Therefore adding a professional summary section will make your resume stand out. If you are an entry-level job seeker you may have no top achievements to mention in the resume summary. But still, you can provide a professional profile that highlights your extensive future goals. When you build up your summary statement fertilize it using the relevant action verbs and quantified metrics such as percentages, years, amounts as possible.

Mistake #02: Just listing down job descriptions without achievements

Hiring managers fond of knowing what are the achievements that you have gained from your previous occupations. Therefore just listing your job descriptions is another mistake that you do unconsciously when you create your resume. But remember to state the achievements that you have gained or positive impacts that you have made in previous occupations. Then the hiring managers will easily understand your working range and never hesitate to hire you.

Mistake #03: Sending a lengthy resumes

That means Hiring managers always expect the best of you from your resume. Therefore enter the best achievements and experience that you have gained. because the time that the hiring managers examine your resume is less than six seconds. Within that tiny period, they should be able to understand the value of you. Accordingly, experts always advise limiting your resume into one page. Furthermore, if you have more experience you can choose a two-pages resume but never send a booklet resume adding the full history of your professional life though you are an expert in the field.

Mistake #04: Submitting the same resume for every job application

Providing the same resume for each time is the next mistake that you do accidentally. Though you do not feel that it is a mistake, your resume may be rejected many times because it seems common. Because hiring managers always find the smartest applicant for their company. Therefore you have to create a well-organized resume to hit their requirements. Additionally, as the first step, you have to refer to the job description and collect the keywords and key phrases and use them in your resume as possible. Then hiring managers will feel that you are a well-organized applicant and they will hire you. The keywords and key phrases may be different from one job description to another. So you have to update your resume each time to stand out your resume.

Mistake #05: Providing the resume with grammar and spelling mistakes

Sending a resume that contains spelling and grammar mistakes will represent you as a careless applicant and hiring managers will reject your resume without thinking twice. Therefore proofreading is a must before submitting your resume. You can proofread your resume by yourself or you can get help from your friend or any qualified person. You can give a hard copy of your resume to proofread and then they will correct your mistakes. That is a quicker and better way to reduce your mistakes than alone proofreading.

How to tailor your resume based on your job position?

The first thing that you should do before creating your resume is searching about the job position and the particular company that you are going to apply for. You can get much information from the website of the company, social media sites, LinkedIn profiles of the company employees or you can collect some information from the employees who already work in the relevant company.

If the company has shared a post about the job position it is also a great place to find out the keywords and key phrases that are related to the job position. After finding them add those keywords and key phrases on your resume directly and necessarily to form some sentences which can emphasize your values or skills.

How to get the reader’s attention through your resume?

Font Selection – A resume must be a professional document therefore it should be written with the professional fonts. So do not use any fancy fonts to write your resume. Career experts recommend using font types such as Verdana, Cambria, Gill Sans and not to use the font types like Chalkboard, Brush Scripts, etc.

Font size – The standard resume font size should be in between 10-12 points. Usually, if you use a larger font size than 14 points it reveals you do not have enough information to offer. On the other hand, using smaller font sizes than 10 points reveals you have compressed too much information in the resume.

Headlines – When you insert the job title in the header section try to use the same job title in the job advertisement. On the other hand, you can bold, capitalize or underline the headlines to notice them easily. But keep in mind not to overuse them because that might spoil the resume format.

Margins – The standard margin size that the experts recommend is one inch for all sides. But some applicants reduce the margin size when they need extra space. However, you should try to maintain the margin size at least from 0.75 inches to 1 inch. Because, if the margins look too small or too large it will reduce the quality of the format. 

Your resume plays a major role before you get the job. So make sure you have the ideal resume to submit because that makes the first impression of the recruiter about yourself. Keep in mind that a perfect resume can turn your life.