How to List Education on Resume

There are several key sections in a resume such as; summary, work experience, personal information section, education skills etc. Among them “Education Section” takes an important place as most of the recruiters prefer to hire more qualified applicants than experienced.

Do you know what is the best way to list your education details in your education section? Do you know what to include and what to not include on your resume education section? So this is the article you are looking for and here we go.

what to include on resume education

What to include on your Resume Education Section?

The most essential things to put on your resume education section is your degree and the name of the school. Other than these information you can also put the location of your school/institute, dates attended, graduation dates, major and minor, GPA, honors and awards, certifications etc.

Actually it is no need to add high school education for a person with college or university education. Because the recruiters want to see the best set of achievements in the education of a particular applicant.

Now let’s see how to list your degree, school name, location and dates attended on your resume.

University or College Education

On your education section you have to list your highest degree, first. Just assume you have both a masters and a bachelor’s degree. Then you must first list your masters qualification and then the next. Like this you have to put your degrees in reverse chronological order.

“Master of Science in Software Engineering, 2019-2021
Marymount California University, CA

Bachelor of Information Technology, 2015-2018
University of Beverly Hills, CA”

Do I need to spell out the full name of the degree? Yes, you should. If you got a BSc degree in IT, you have to write it in your resume as below.

“Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, 2018
University of Southern California, LA”

If you have got short space on your resume it does not matter if you abbreviate the degree as;

“B.Sc IT, 2018
University of Southern California, LA”

But keep in mind that the degree after abbreviate, it should be very understandable to the reader. Otherwise do not abbreviate.

How do you write your education section if you are still an undergraduate?

Here is the way.

Example 01:
“B.Sc in Electronic Engineering in Progress,
California State University, Long Beach”

Example 02:
“B.Sc in Electronic Engineering Expected in 2021,
California State University, Long Beach”

High School Education

If your highest education achievement is your high school, you should list it as below.

“Western Green High School, Oakland, CA
Graduated in 2018”

But if you still study in high school, then you have to change your second line as below.

“Western Green High School, Oakland, CA
Expected to graduate in 2021”

Some people who do not finish their higher studies, they usually take the General Education Development (GED) Examination. Most of the countries GED has been accepted as a good qualification equivalent to a high school diploma. So if you are a GED qualified person here is the way to list education on your resume.

“GED High School Equivalency Diploma,
Manchester Institute of Higher Studies, 2019

Western Green High School, Oakland, CA
Attended 2016-2018”

Put this information on your resume if you have a little Work Experience

The person without not much work experience sometimes faces a problem to fill out the resume. These people can add several extra things for their education section to fill out their resumes with more information.


If your GPA is more than 3.0 it is completely okay to add your GPA on your resume. But if it is lower than that never include the GPA.

“B.Sc in English Language
Los Angeles Pacific University, CA
GPA 3.80”

Honors and Awards

This kind of information is ideal to place in your resume education section if you have less than three awards while you are studying. If you got more awards and honors it is better to use a seperate section called “Honors and Awards”. When it comes to listing honors and awards, you should definitely include where did you get it from and when did you get it.

You can add scholarships, academic awards, honors societies etc and that will be a huge impact for your career as it will impress the recruiter about yourself.

“Bachelor of Arts (Communication), 2017-2021
Los Angeles University, CA

Award – Best Student of the Year 2019”

Where to list your Education on a Resume

Usually the resume education section will be placed either after your work experience or before work experience. If the applicant is a recent graduate it is better to list this section before the work experience section as it is better to highlight your educational qualifications at the top of your resume.

If an applicant has more work experience to describe, keep your resume education section after the work experience.

What Employers are Looking For In Your Resume Education Section

This depends on the job requirement. If the recruiters hiring the person for an entry-level position they will basically be looking for your degree or relevant coursework. If they are looking for an executive or managerial role they prefer masters qualifications or relevant certifications to be on your resume education section.

Generally, the job advertisement will provide you the information about the requirements for a particular role. So the recruiters are also looking for the same information to be there on your resume.

But in this case you should be honest. If you cheat on your resume you will not be able to prove yourself at the interview. And keep in mind that the interviewers can easily confirm whether the information provided by you is true or false.

Resume Education Section Example (Text Version Template)


Master of Science in Horticulture, Expected in 2021
University of Melbourne, AU

Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons), 2015-2018
Western Sydney University, AU
Major – Agribusiness Management
GPA – 3.58

Awards and Honours
Vice Chancellor’s Award for the Best Performance 2017 (Export Agriculture Development Program)

When you write the education section, the most important thing is be honest and strategic. Include coursework, certifications, honors that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

If you have been selected for the interview, you might ask some questions regarding your education. So be ready to answer them. Before you go to the interview, make a plan yourself on how to answer the follow-up questions regarding your education.

Tips for Education Section in your Resume

Leave out GPA – If your GPA is less than 3.0 do not include it on your resume. Because a GPA under 3.0 is not an impressive factor to the recruiter about yourself.

Don’t include high school – If you have a degree qualification such as bachelor’s or master’s, it is okay to leave out high school education. Do not try to fill out your resume by including all your education information.

Break into subsections – If you have a lot of things to talk about your education just mention your degree and institution under the main title Education. Then break into subsections such as Certifications, Awards and honors, professional development, etc., and include the relevant information.

Tailor your education section – Refer the specific job advertisement carefully and find relevant keywords. Add them in your education description. So, it will help you to pass the ATS scan.