How to Write a Successful Resume Summary (Examples Included)

The resume summary is the most important part of a winning resume, and it is essential for any applicant to win interview chances or get job opportunities. Usually, recruiters take less than six seconds to inspect a resume. Recruiters mainly focus on the resume header and resume summary within this tiny time frame.

If your professional summary is unique and impressive, recruiters will take some more time to read your resume thoroughly. Therefore, if you have a great summary on your resume, you can quickly get passed from the six seconds test.

A resume summary can be also referred to as a career summary, profile, achievement statement, professional summary, a summary of experience, a summary of qualification, qualifications summary, competencies etc.

When an applicant has years of experience, a resume summary is optimal to use on a resume. Otherwise, it would be better to use an objective statement.

Nonetheless, this guide can help you to learn how to write a perfect resume summary to stand out your resume from the crowd.

What should I include on my resume summary?

As mentioned in the above, a good summary is very important for a successful resume. Therefore it is very much worthy to learn the correct way of writing a resume summary.

You should include only the major points such as your experience, top achievements, key competencies in brief and this could help to impress the reader to take more time to read your resume. And that is the ultimate goal of writing a professional summary.

A resume summary consists of three main parts as given below.

  • Title
  • Paragraph of information
  • Competencies

Summary Title (Resume Headline)

Including a title is something that most of the candidates are not doing. So if you can do it, that would be great. This is a very important factor to get past from the 6-second scan.

A resume headline should always describe your professional self within a short sentence or a phrase and that will help to grab the attention of the recruiter. Though it is short, a resume headline is very powerful.

This must be placed soon after your name and contact information. Find keywords and keyphrases from the job posting and include them on here. This will help you to get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) too.

Resume Title examples:

  • Sales manager with experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Software engineer with 10+ years of experience.
  • Full-Stack developer with leadership experience.
  • Experienced Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer.
  • Registered Nurse with 5+ years of supervising experience.

Resume Summary Body

Think of the main attributes and most important accomplishments and achievements. Then note down all of them in your resume summary body that are specific to you and the things that would be relevant to your specific job.

You don’t have to display your whole work history in the summary section. Display only the most recent and relevant work experience. Write down the most important skills which can apply to a specific job. You can use the job description to get the keywords and key phrases to use in the overview of your resume.

Then, tell the hiring manager about your impressive achievements in previous positions. Use quantified metrics such as numbers, percentages, amount, years in every time as possible. Not only that but also you can use some resume action verbs such as improved, developed, utilized, trained etc. to make your resume summary stand out from the crowd.

See the below example.

“Improved organic search rankings in google from the fifth page to the first page for 20+ highly competitive keywords for a branding agency and increased their organic traffic by 40%”.

Do not exceed more than three sentences as it would lengthen the resume and since this is the summary, you have to keep this portion very brief. The rest of the Resume will serve as your summary evidence.


Always try to review the job posting and search for the keywords and key phrases that explain your expertise. Pick them into your resume core competencies section together with a vertical line surrounded by two spaces.

A well-written core-competency section should give the idea to the recruiter that this is the exact person they are looking for. So it might include your soft skills and other competencies too. This section is not necessary. But it is good if you could include it.

use resume summary instead of resume objective

Resume Summary Vs. Objective Statement

A resume objective is always used by a beginner or an inexperienced person. Mostly in a resume sending to a trainee or an intern position. It is an introductory statement of yourself and it mainly focuses on the candidate’s objective and future goals. For example:

“To obtain a Search Engine Executive position in the Digital Marketing industry”.

But with time, the way of writing an objective statement also has changed as the candidate has broader targets in their career. For example:

“Search Engine Optimization Specialist with over 10+ years of experience looking to transfer my skills into SEO Consulting”.

However, at present using a resume objective is outdated. Because no one can show their value to the recruiters via a resume objective statement. As a result, we can include a professional summary section on our resume which is a great way to sell yourself to employers.

Resume summary highlights a candidate’s specific set of skills and the way he used them to win certain achievements. By adding the most relevant work experience and the accomplishments tend to emphasize the key strengths of a candidate. Therefore, a recruiter can get the idea of whether the candidate is suitable for their position or not. Take a look at this example:

“Results-driven SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist with 5+ years of experience. Improved organic search engine rankings from 10th page to 1st page for 20+ highly competitive keywords for a career development website and increased their web traffic by 50% within 6 months”.

An objective statement is usually written in Passive voice while a resume profile uses an active voice and many action verbs.

Resume Summary Examples By Job Profession

Example for Medical Consultant

Experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Diabetes, Clinical Research, Medical Education, Pediatrics, and Medicine. Strong healthcare services professional with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) focused on Endocrinology and Diabetes.

Example for Teacher

10+ years of experience in teaching mathematics for different grades and improved their mathematical skills by 50% as well as received almost 100% satisfaction from the parents and students. Skilled in teaching methods, communication, teamwork and presentation.

Example for Accountant

Results-oriented accountant over 10+ years experience with excellent research and financial analysis abilities. prepared monthly financial statements for a company with an annual turnover of $35 million. excellent knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Example for Call Centre Agent

Confident and Energetic call centre agent with 5+ years of experience assisting customers in solving their network issues. Keen to support ABC solutions in becoming a market leader through proven customer support skills. Awarded Best Call Center Agent three times. Helped over 95% of customers to solve their queries within the first 3 minutes.

Example for Software Engineer

Energetic software engineer with 5+ years of experience participating in the product development lifecycle of successfully launched applications. Eager to join ABC Solutions to help develop robust code for high-volume businesses. In previous roles, reduced warranty costs by 30% and downtime by 20% in ABC Solutions; identified and resolved a process bottleneck that reduced coding efficiency by up to 30%. A friendly team player and a deep analytical thinker outside the box.

Example for SEO Specialist

Hubspot and Adwords certified SEO Specialist with 5+ years of experience specialized in SEO, Adwords, Admob and email marketing. Successfully grew organic traffic by 130% in just 6 months through link building for my most recent personal client. Experienced in leading teams of junior SEO executives to meet and exceed digital marketing goals.

Your resume summary will be the first thing that a recruiter sees. So make sure to make it impressive. The next article is about the work experience section on a resume is also important as a resume summary. Visit the above link and see how to make your resume stand out with an amazing work experience section.