Professional Resume Examples and Samples for 2021

Are you looking for basic and simple resume examples that are easy to understand? Then you are in the right place. See these sample professional resumes and learn how to write a perfect resume for your desired job title and land your dream job - fast in 2021. Scroll down to find free and highly effective resume examples related to your job field and the one which you are looking for.

Accounting & Finance Resume Examples

Make your accounting resume stand out from the crowd. Follow these resume examples which is written by accounting and finance experts and make you resume a winning document.

Business Management & Leadership Resume Examples

When you write a resume for a job opening in the Business and Management industry, those resumes should be highly professional. These resumes could be somewhat lengthier than other resumes as it contains a lot of experience. See these good resume samples to learn how to write these kinds of resumes properly.

Creative & Cultural Fields Resume Examples

Need to enhance your talent and creativity through your resume? These are tested resume examples and worked well for a variety of creative industries. Get the assistance of these resume samples to highlight your extensive creativity skills.

Construction, Maintenance & Repair Resume Examples

Do you think you could build a strong building without a good foundation? Similarly, you won’t be able to make your job search a success without a perfect resume. See how you can build your perfect construction, maintenance, or repair resume for your job.

Customer Service & Retail Resume Examples

No matter what kind of skills you have to handle customers, it’s difficult to find a job without having a properly written customer service & retail resume. So, learn how to write a resume correctly to the customer service field, today.

Food Service Resume Examples

Building a food service resume is always delicious and enjoyable. But do you aware of the add on toppings that could enhance the value of your food-service resume? Click your desired job title to learn more.

Hospitality, Travel & Transportation Resume Examples

Are you looking forward to building up your career in the Hospitality industry? The below examples related to your job and the career will be highly beneficial for you when you write your own resume.

Information Technology (IT) Resume Examples

Information Technology is a competitive job industry. But it is not that much harder to get a perfect job if you follow our expert resume guidelines when creating your IT resume. Use our IT resume samples to land multiple job calls as soon as possible.

Medicine Healthcare & Wellbeing Resume Examples

When you are suffering from an illness, you would definitely take precautions to be safe. So as it is these resume examples are the best medicine to make your resume a healthy one. 

Media and Entertainment Resume Examples

Dreaming to become a professional in the media and entertainment industry? Then take a look at these amazing media and entertainment resume examples to land your dream job fast and easy.

Mining Resume Examples

If you are in the mining industry, you know how hard it is to secure your job if you don’t have a proper amount of education. Sometimes though you have the relevant educational qualifications, it is even harder to get a job due to its competitiveness. That’s why you need to have a perfect mining resume. 

Office Administration & Secretarial Resume Examples

Do you think is it a difficult task to craft resumes for office administration and secretarial jobs? It’s never been easier to create office resumes. Get inspired by the example resumes below to create your own and to make it stand out.

Sales & Marketing Resume Examples

Learn how to sell yourself by using the latest resume tips and tricks. The following resume samples will show you how you should exactly build your resume to get your next interview opportunity.

Spa & Salon Resume Examples

Resume care is a must if you need to be successful in your job search. So touch up your resume according to these expert Spa and Salon resume tips and tricks.

Teaching & Education Resume Examples

Are you going to apply for an education institute? Then learning the best practices of resume writing is very important to get your job. Get inspired by the example resumes below and go forward in your teaching and academic career.

Transportation & Logistics Resume Examples

Both the transportation and logistics industries are intertwined. No matter what field you are going to step in, we have the best resume samples of the job you are applying for. Read the resume example related to your job and create a winning resume that suits you.

Other Resume Examples

Why do you need to refer to our Resume Examples?

All the resume examples here are up-to-date and written and reviewed by experts. Each resume sample is tested on job applications and proven success rate over 98%. So we can recommend each and every resume here for you to get inspired and make your own resume in 2021.

Resume writing is an art. All the resume examples listed here are written according to that art with the help of resume best practices. Also, we provided a text version of each resume, which means you can simply copy and paste the content to make your own and original resume.

How to write a perfect resume in 2021?

This is only a summary of how you should write a resume in 2021. To see the full guide visit our complete guide on how to write a perfect resume.

List your key contact details on your resume header in the right way. It must include your full name (first & last) and the job title. If you can use the original job title in the job posting, you will be able to get more impressions for your resume. When adding your location, it is just enough to mention your city and the state. Because recruiters need to know only whether the candidate lives near to the company or not.

Note that, never use an unprofessional email address on your resume header. So try to add a professional email address from a valid email service provider. The phone number and email address are very important data. Those will be used by the recruiters to contact you in the future if they feel that you are the right candidate for the job. So make sure your phone number and email address are very personal to you and they are in a working state.

Do you know that by adding a LinkedIn profile or any other professional social media accounts on your resume header can make your resume stand out? Try it and see the difference.

After, it is very important to have a compelling resume summary or a resume objective statement to get past the 6-second resume scan. The resume summary is like the heart of your resume. If you fail in writing a great resume, your job search will be at risk. Therefore it is much worth knowing how to write a perfect resume summary. You can further enhance your resume summary by adding quantified accomplishments with some powerful action verbs.

In the work experience section, you need to highlight your most recent and relevant work experience with quantified achievements. So you’d better use the Reverse Chronological Resume Format. Here try your maximum to tailor the resume with the keywords from the advert.

In the education section, mention if there are any relevant educational qualifications with you. Don’t forget to highlight your unique value using a list of relevant soft skills and hard or technical skills.

Finally, back them up with volunteer experience. certifications and some other extra resume sections to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

What is the best resume format to use in 2021?

Actually we can not define one particular resume format for you. That depends on your experience and skill level. However, there are three major types of resume formats: Reverse Chronological, Functional, and Combinational (Hybrid) resume formats.

Our career professionals always recommend you to use the reverse-chronological resume format if you are a mid-level professional with a consistent work history. You have to list your most recent work experience at the top and the previous experiences follow.

The combination or hybrid resume format works well with seasoned professionals with a substantial amount of experience, skills, and qualifications. This will provide you a good enough space to describe your work experience with the top achievements.
But if you have thought of changing careers or else if you are a person with significant work gaps we recommend you to use the functional resume format. Here you have to focus on the key skills relevant to your targeted position.

Essential Sections of a Resume

  • Resume Header
  • Summary Statement
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills and Technologies

Make your Resume Noticeable with these Additional Sections

  • Freelance and personal projects
  • Conferences
  • Certifications
  • Languages
  • Research and publications