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3D Artist Resume

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Complete Resume Guide for a 3D Artist


Are There any 3D Resume Templates Available?

There are no 3D resume templates available. But there are many resume templates in various types, layouts, and colors that are suitable for a 3D artist. Hence choose an online resume builder to create your resume within a few seconds. 

If you want to create a well-optimized, ATS friendly and completed resume totally free, use our free resume builder https://priwoo.com 

Here are some guidelines to create your resume template on your own.

the best page setup of a Hotel 3D Artist resume

After creating your resume template do not forget to submit a 3D artist resume PDF file to the recruiters. Because PDF is the best file format for a resume.


What to Include in the 3D Designer Resume Header?

 The most essential points for a 3D Artist resume header

There is a common statement that the resume header is the business card of the applicant. That is true to some extent. Because you should mention the contact details of yourself. 

As the purpose is to let the recruiters contact you as soon as possible, ensure each piece of information in the resume header is true and valid. 

However, you can not list down every contact information under the resume header. That means there is a standard and you can follow the following resume tips to stand out from your resume. 

  • Do not mention your full name. The first and last names are enough.
  • If you have held any certificate related to the job position state it with the job title. But do not use too many lengthy job titles in the resume header. 
  • As the recruiters only want to know how much you are far from the office, mention your city and state for your location.
  • As the resume is a professional document, mention a professional email address. That means an email address without fancy names. On the other hand, do not mention an official email address. 
  • Do not list down every mobile number that you have. One valid, available, personal mobile number is enough.
  • Never mention the gender, the number of children, beliefs, creeds, or salary expectations in your resume.


How to Add Social Media to 3D Designer Resume?

Usually, the personal profiles assist the applicants to show their talent by giving proven materials. Therefore the URLs can add to the resume header. Do not forget to mention the site name with the link as follows.

  • Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/johnandrwu/
  • Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/john.andrwu.78
  • YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/KgyE52dyWhnjsnOp

If you have specific profiles to show your 3D modeling talent you can link those accounts to your resume header. For example, a Facebook or Instagram page that posts your creations, portfolio website, or a Youtube channel include your own creations. 

There are some platforms to show your images and video. Especially, Pinterest, Behance, and Dribbble. Other than that Mamby, Juxtapost, Designspiration, and Dudepins are alternative websites. Share them if you are an active member of those websites. 

Other than that, if you can prove your career history from LinkedIn or Twitter accounts, those links are also eligible to add to your resume header. 


How to Write a Professional Summary for a 3D  Artist?

3D Artist resume summary

As you summarize your top career accomplishments, skills, and other qualities in the resume summary the recruiters tend to scan it and imagine your scope from your resume summary. If your resume passed the ATS test, it was handed over to the recruiters. And if your resume summary passes to draw the recruiter’s attention the job interview opportunities will be increased. 

Therefore you should write an impressive resume summary. First, filter the top career achievements, unique skills, the best educational qualifications, or any other specific qualities or abilities related to the job position and compress them in the resume summary. Also use the relevant action verbs, keywords, and key phrases to express the summary content.

Especially, limit your resume summary paragraph to 3-4 sentences. Also, you can quantify your achievements using years, percentages, and amounts.

Example from an Expert

Highly creative and organized 3D Artist with more than 5 years of experience. A member of the main 3D Visualization Artists’ team who developed the awarded 3d film in 2018. Expert in creating models, visual effects, and animations for video games, films, and advertisements. An excellent researcher of the upcoming projects and more flexible to edit the product based on the client’s requirements


How to Arrange the 3D Visualizer Resume Work Experience Section?

how to list 3D Artist resume work experience

A well-arranged work experience section will lead to being a professional 3D artist of a reputable company. Because the majority of hiring managers tend to scan the work experience section thoroughly than other sections. 

The work experience section usually shows your scope, abilities, and professional behaviors. So select the relevant career history of the recent 10 years. Then organize your work experience section from the latest job to the oldest. 

Also clearly mentioning your job title, employment duration, company name, location and at least 3-4 bullet points of career achievements under each job position will help you to create an eye-catching work experience section. Avoid mentioning the duties or responsibilities of a 3D Artist.

Use the formal and relevant action verbs, keywords, and key phrases from the job advertisement and use them in your resume as possible to enhance the value of your accomplishments. Use some quantified metrics such as percentages and years to draw the recruiters’ attention.

Example from an Expert

3D Artist – 2015/Jan to Present
Two Scoop Games, New York

  • Developed 20+ Maya and SketchUp projects by creating models and textures.
  • Collaborated with 10 team members to wind up 20+ projects that came up with the client requirements.
  • Researched the concept of the project to ensure the quality and the uniqueness of the target game.
  • Trained 10+ 3D game artists by providing technical and conceptual knowledge.


What are the Perfect Career Achievements of a 3D Artist?

Check whether you have the following features and build specific achievements based on that environment. Because the following facts are the major and preferred areas that are missed by the common applicants. So, if you reveal them when you create your accomplishments, your resume can impress the recruiters. 

Expert in the different Multimedia platform

Some hiring companies are specific to a certain multimedia platform. But some others handle various platforms such as television, newspaper, banner, videos, and gaming. First, you should find the required platform experience for your target company. Then highlight the related experience you have in your resume. 

Alternative Talents

The recruiters love to hire applicants who have expanded experience beyond what they required. Also, they are preferred to select substance designers, substance painters,  and those who have traditional art skills and photography experience. If you have such kind of talent try to reveal that in your resume. Further, try to explain how those talents helped you to be a great 3D designer. 

The practice of major styles of 3D art 

There are 5 main styles of 3D arts. They are realistic graphics used in training, simulations, and some types of games, photorealistic graphics used in retail, architecture, and interior designs, unreal realism (fantasy, Steampunk) used for a console, PC, or VR/AR/MR gaming, collage used for games, educational products or advertisements and cartoony animations used in gaming, animations, or gamified educational content. So, try to highlight the types you are an expert in. 

Awareness of 3D art project steps

Mainly the 3D art projects are divided into four stages. They are development, pre-production, shot production, and post-production stages. 

The story, characters, art direction, and storyboard are created in the development part. The pre-production stage is a collection of production planning, vocal tracks 3D animatic, layout, modeling, texture mapping, and character setup processes. In shot production, Animation, FX, compositing, lighting, and rendering are happening. Finally adding sound effects and music, marketing, and distributing happen in the post-production stage

The duties of a 3D artist spread throughout the first main three stages. So, highlight your expertise in separate stages in your resume as possible.  

Awareness of different 3D file formats 

There are different types of 3D file formats. They are STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, IGES, STEP, and VRML/X3D. Try to reveal the formats you have worked on before. Also, explain how you solved the problems using the different file formats. 

Usage of different methods of modeling

There are four main modeling methods related to the technology of the industry. They are as follows.

Primitive Modeling
Creating the spheres, cubes, and other variations of these two shapes.
Polygonal Modeling
Working with X, Y, and Z coordinates to define different shapes and surfaces. Also, combining the different surfaces into one giant model or shape.
Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline (NURBS)
Combining and adjusting geometric forms.
Rational B-Spline Modeling
Creating realistic curves and surfaces based on a mathematical model that can be applied in a variety of scenarios

You can create achievements to show how you used different methods based on the client’s requirements. The recruiters will love to know how much you engaged with the modeling industry in this way.


What is the Minimum Educational Qualification for a 3D Artist?

education qualifications for an 3D Artist

An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation, Game Design, Graphic Design, Media Arts, Computer Science, Industrial Design, or related field is the minimum educational qualification required to be a 3D artist. 

However, you have to share the details of your educational background perfectly. So, order the educational qualifications from the highest to the lowest. 

Also, degree type, major subject, studied duration, university name and location are mandatory to mention in the education section. 

You can mention the relevant coursework of each degree to enhance the value of your resume. But share your GPA only if it is higher than 3.0.

Example from an Expert

Bachelor’s Degree in Animation & Visual Effects – 2016/Jan to 2018/Dec
Falmouth University, Penryn

  • Relevant coursework:- storytelling, animation history, film language, sound, visual effects.
  • GPA:- 3.56


What are the Relevant Soft Skills for a 3D Designer Resume?

Organizational Skills:- The applicants must be well-organized. Because they have to handle different types of 3D modes, processes, files, and projects with various clients. Hence being organized is very essential to continue the duties smoothly. 

Time management Skills:- The 3D art projects usually come up with a timeframe. Hence the artist is responsible to finish the project on time. So, the ability to manage time well is an essential skill for a 3D designer. 

Collaborative Skills:- The applicant should be able to work with the art director, lead artist, and other team members. So collaborative skills and teamwork skills are very important to be a professional 3D artist. 

Creativity:- This skill is the major and most essential skill of an artist. Because the applicant must be creative enough to build the 3D animations and models according to the clients’ requirements.

number of skills to add in a 3D Artist skills section


Are There any Hard Skills for a 3D Artist?

As the 3D artist almost engages with the computer software to create their products he should have more technical skills about 3D software proficiency beyond the soft skills. 

As the recruiters are fond of hiring more skillful applicants you should mention at least 8-10 skills including soft skills, hard skills, and the softwares that you are an expert in.

Hard Skills

  • Conceptual Thinke
  • Creative Artistic
  • Design strategy
  • Brochure and newsletter formatting
  • Knowledge of print process
  • Photography and photo direction
  • Photo enhancing and retouching
  • Advanced typography knowledge
  • Electronic logo design
  • Website enhancement
  • Composition skills
  • Realism skills
  • Texture skills
  • Coloring skills
  • Lighting skills
  • Artistic skills
  • Drawing skills
  • Rendering skills
  • modeling and texturing skills
  • sculpting skills
  • Schedule Management
  • Project management skills

Software proficiency

  • Strong 3D visualization
  • V-Ray
  • SketchUp
  • 3D Studio Max
  • 3D Slash
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe XD
  • UI/UX Design
  • Character Design
  • Unity Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Javascript


What is the Best 3D Animator Resume Format for a Fresher?

Experienced 3D Artist Resume

Entry Level 3D Artist Resume

Main Section Structure

Resume header
Resume Summary
Work experience

Resume header
Objective statement

Extra Sections

  • Languages
  • Certifications & licenses
  • Awards & Honors
  • Clubs & Memberships
  • Freelance work
  • Personal projects
  • Volunteer work

Reverse Chronological Resume Format

Combined / Hybrid Resume Format

Summary Statement

Resume Summary

Objective statement


What to Include in 3D Artist Resume Objective?

The unique skills, best educational qualifications, and preferred talent and qualities of a 3D artist can include in a resume objective. 

Especially, an intern, student, fresher, college, or entry-level 3D designer can create an excellent objective statement to impress their recruiters. 

As in the resume summary, the keywords, action verbs, and numeric values such as percentages and years enhance the value of the objective content.


Are you a Freelance Artist in 3D Modeling?

Freelance work means the 3D projects that you have done not as an employee of any company but you were paid for your service. There are many freelancing websites now available on the internet. Some of them are Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork

However when you mention those experiences mention them in a separate section called ‘Freelance Experience’. The recruiters love to see your accomplishments as a freelancer. Do not forget to use keywords, action verbs, and quantified metrics as possible to create your achievements.


Are You a Certified 3D Artist?

If yes, that will be a great chance to show your eligibility for the position. Because there are two main places to highlight your certifications. They are a separate section and the job title.

For example, if you have the Unity 3D Artist Certification you can enter the certification details under the ‘Certifications & Licenses’ area. Also, you can mention your job title as ‘Unity Certified 3D Artist’. 


Can you Communicate in Different Languages?

If you can communicate in different languages that is an extra quality for a 3D artist. Because this ability will help you to understand the requirements of the clients who use different languages and conduct your project correctly. 

Therefore you can mention them in an extra section called ‘Languages’. However, it is better to mention what is your competency level in that language such as Native Speaker, Very Good Command Working knowledge, or Highly Proficient as follows.

Example from an Expert

  • English – Native Speaker
  • French – Highly Proficient
  • German – Very Good Command
  • How to create a resume step by step for a 3D Artist

    Ask from an Experienced 3D Artist (Best Tips and Secrets) 

    Quiz #01:- What is a Self – Research? 

    3D artist jobs are available in different sectors. Here are some various careers of 3D artists.

    • Architectural Visualization Artist
    • 3D modeler
    • 3D Concept Artist
    • Character Artist
    • Environment Artist
    • Motion Graphics Designer
    • VFX artist 
    • 3D Motion Capture Artist
    • Marketing & Advertising Graphic Designer
    • UI Graphic Designer
    • Publication Graphic Designer
    • Packaging Graphic Designer
    • 3D printing artist

    So according to the type of career, company status, and location, the requirements can be different. Hence, you must understand the background of your position before creating your resume. 

    The job post is the major source to collect some information about the position of employment. Other than that, the official profiles of the company such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and official website are other resources to find more information. Further, try to contact the current employees of the company.

    After collecting all the information you will understand what kind of employee the company is looking for. Then you can create a perfect resume by attaining all the requirements. 

    Quiz #02:- How to Find the Best Keywords for a 3D Artist?  

    You do not need to go far. The job advertisement contains the best keywords for your resume. The key terms represent the people, objects, machines, software, materials, places, processes, skills, and qualifications related to the 3D artist position. 

    First, you should read the job advert thoroughly and highlight the given keywords as follows. Then you can use the words when you are creating your career achievements of resume summary, work experience, or other section.

    List of the keywords related to a 3D Artist

    Quiz #03:- What are the Powerful Action Verbs for a 3D Designer? 

    According to the recruiters’ perspective, they are usually fond of hiring applicants who prove that they are very organized from even their resume. Using the relevant and formal action verbs will not only reveal that you are an organized applicant but also provide a professional accent that increases the readability of the hiring managers to your resume. 

    The action verbs you should use are decided by the 3D artist job advert. Especially the duties and responsibilities area contains a lot of powerful action verbs for your resume. 

    Refer to the following job advert sample for further understanding.

    List of the Action Verbs related to a  Hotel 3D Artist

    List of common Action Verbs

    • Modeled
    • Met
    • Presented
    • Assembled
    • Attended
    • Defined
    • Edited
    • Textured
    • Rendered
    • Led
    • Drew
    • Manipulated
    • Tested
    • Displayed
    • Managed
    • Developed
    • Researched
    • Created
    • Conducted
    • Maintained

    Quiz #04:- What is the Importance of 3D Visualizer Cover Letter? 

    Nowadays the resume, cover letter, and portfolio are the most common requirements of a job application. Though the recruiters do not require a cover letter, you are free to create a perfect cover letter and attach it with your resume. 

    Attempt to admire the goodwill and sustainability of the company. Also, provide a positive reason for applying to the vacancy. Other than that, if you have got positive feedback from the current employees of the company, cite them in your cover letter content. 

    Especially highlight your unique talents, qualities, skills, and experience in your cover letter. Then the recruiters will give the priority to your resume. 

    Quiz #05:- May I Add the 3D Artist Salary to My Resume?  

    No. It will be a bad idea. Because the hiring personnel will think your motivation is the salary. But only if the recruiters ask you to mention your salary expectation, state it for sure. However, provide a fair salary for the position.

    $54,255 is the average salary of a 3D designer. Nonetheless, the salary may be slightly different based on your experience, certifications, and workplace. 

    Quiz #06:- How Do the Recruiters Select a 3D Artist?  

    modern recruitment process of the janitor

    3D Artist Resume Example (Text Version)

    Henry Jacob

    3D Visualization Artist

    Bakersfield, California

    +(310)487 0012


    Professional Summary

    Highly motivated and extremely professional 3D Visualization Artist with 6+ years of experience in developing models, animations, and visual effects for 100+ various creative projects. Expert in video games and advertisement creations by researching the concepts and meeting the clients to know their requirements. Worked with more than 10 3D software. A member of the 3D Generalists’ team who created the best 3D film in 2016.

    Work Experience

    3D Visualization Artist 2017/Jan to Present

    VeracityColab, Calif

    • Created more than 20 new and latest models and textures using Maya and SketchUp.
    • Coordinated with more than 10 3D level artists in more than 30 various projects.
    • Trained more than 5 junior 3S artists for developing models in the professional aspect.
    • Discussed with the directors and the clients to overcome the 3D related issues.

    3D Artist 2013/Jan to 2016/Dec

    GameAnax Studio Pvt. Ltd., Washington

    • Animated more than 50 3D models and effects using 3D Slash and Autodesk 3ds Max.
    • Associated with 10 members of the 3D visualization team to process more than 15 projects in different concepts.
    • Ensured the quality of the game by discussing with the directors, clients, and other team members.
    • Conducted more than 10 researches before each project to understand the concept well.

    Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design & Animation 2010/Jan to 2012/Dec

    AUM American University of Malta, Malta

    • Relevant Coursework:- Drawing Practices for Animation, Research, and Experimentation, Character Performance Studies in Voice, Gesture, Acting, Creative and Professional Conclusion
    • GPA:-3.48
    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Decision-making skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Teamwork skills
    • Creative thinking
    • Realism skills
    • Texture skills
    • Coloring skills
    • Lighting skills
    • Drawing skills
    • Rendering skills
    • SketchUp
    • 3D Studio Max
    • 3D Slash
    • Autodesk Maya
    • HTML/CSS

    English Native Speaker

    German Good Working Knowledge

    Spanish Highly Proficient

    Chinese Very Good Command