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Elementary Teacher Resume

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Complete Resume Guide for an Elementary Teacher


How to choose the best template for an Elementary Teacher?

the best page setup of a elementary teacher resume

Select ATS friendly layout

Usually, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) tracks the text or content of your resume. The appearance of the resume focuses to impress the recruiters. But the resume is handed over to the recruiters, only if it passes the ATS test. Therefore do not let the graphics and illustrations that you use in your resume, to disturb the ATS readability of the resume. 

The heavy graphics disconcert the ATS readability and simple graphics are not like that. Therefore, consider the graphics that you use.

Choose cool and calm colors

Some applicants tend to use some glamorous and glossy colors to impress the recruiters. But the recruiters may feel uncomfortable to read your resume, they will reject it. Therefore try to choose calm and cool colors.

Easy-to-read font style

Do not use the cursive font styles in your resume. There are some specific resume font styles such as Open Sans, Calibri, Georgia, or Helvetica. They are recommended as clear and easy-to-read fonts. Therefore try to use one of them.

Template with enough space

The recruiters are usually bored to read the lengthy resumes. But if you are an experienced elementary teacher for more than 5 years, you can keep a two-page resume. However, it is better to keep a one-page resume with the best values as an elementary teacher.

If you are struggling to ensure the ATS friendliness of your resume, you can use a free online resume builder to create your resume. They will guarantee the standard, quality, and ATS friendliness of your resume 100%.


What to include in the Elementary Teacher’s Resume Header?

 The most essential points for a elementary teacher resume header

The resume header is the place to include the contact information of the applicant in a clear manner. But some applicants tend to add some personal information such as civil status, number of children, gender, or age in their resume header. But then the value of the resume is decreased unconsciously. 

Therefore check whether you have mentioned the following details in your resume header correctly.

Name in simple:- That means mention only your first and last name. But never mention any shortened form of your name or nick names in the resume header. 

Job title:- Check the job title in your job advertisement. That may be Elementary Teacher, Substitute – Elementary School Teacher, Remote Elementary Teacher, or Virtual Elementary Teacher. However, add the same title as your job title in the resume header. 

Location:- The hiring managers want to know how far you are from the future school or institute. Therefore mentioning only the city and state will be sufficient

One contact number:- Do not list down each and every phone number in your resume. Share only one available personal mobile number.

Professional email:- Check whether your email address has any fancy words. If yes, it is better to create a new email address including your first and last name. 

Social media URLs:- If you can prove your professional background, your skills and competencies, the passion for child-caring, the willingness of teaching as an elementary teacher from any of your social media profiles just mention the URLs in your resume header. 

elementary teacher resume header example


Do I need to add a photo to impress the recruiters?

Check whether your job advertisement requests you to add a photo to your resume. If yes, place a professional-looking image in your resume header. Otherwise, it is better to use a photo-free resume layout, because you can add and focus on more qualifications than your appearance.


How to organize the Elementary Teacher’s Resume Summary?

 elementary teacher resume summary

As a professional in the education sector, If you can express in your resume summary how you did a huge positive impact in the teaching and learning fields, that is the point of adding a summary into your resume.

Collect your unique skills as a teacher, top career achievements, and your best educational qualifications to make it more impressive to the recruiter. Ensure that you have included at least 2-3 qualifications and skills that are requested from the job advertisement.

How to enhance the value of my summary content? You would select the suitable keywords and action verbs given in the job advertisement and apply them meaningfully. Furthermore, try to quantify your results by mentioning the relevant years, percentages, amounts, and numbers.

Example from an Expert


Effective, dedicated, and student-focused elementary teacher with 10+ years of experience. Appreciated as the best teacher in 2018 for managing the large classrooms by creating hands-on lessons to capture the child’s imagination and increasing the student satisfaction level by 20%. Got the Early and Middle Childhood National Board Certification in 2011.


What to include in the work experience section of an Elementary Teacher?

how to list elementary teacher resume work experience

If you are wondering why the recruiters want to know my career history, it is a kind of your track record as an elementary teacher. Therefore you have to ensure to create a positive image on recruiters mind through your career history.

Providing a set of complete information such as job title, employment duration, school / institute name, location and 3-6 bullet points of your career achievements will help the hiring managers to draw a better image of you quickly and well.

How to make my achievements stand out? Make them relevant. Conceptual vise the achievements should be related to the teaching service. Other than that, add the most suitable keywords and start them from a formal action verb. Make them what you have achieved by adding quantified metrics such as years and percentages.


What hiring managers are looking for in the Elementary Teacher’s achievements?

The ability to use different types of assessments

Evaluating both the teaching and learning process is the quality of a great teacher. Therefore, you have to reveal how you use the different kinds of assessments in your teaching process of elementary students. The assessments should be relevant for the students, as they are beginner learners. 

Here we have mentioned 4 different assessments. 

Diagnostic Assessment:- usually done at the beginning of a new unit or a chapter.

Formative Assessment:- Done during the lesson.

Performance-based Authentic Assessment:- To evaluate the engagement of the students.

Summative Assessment:- To evaluate the overall learning process of the student at the end of a lesson.

The capability of using different teaching strategies

An effective teacher does not limit to the same teaching method and hopes for a positive process of learning. That means the teacher has to examine all methods and create a unique method based on the status of students.

Therefore explaining how you use different kinds of teaching methods to develop the learning process of elementary students will showcase your talent as an elementary teacher.

Here we have compressed some teaching methods or strategies. 

Visualization:- Taking the aid of photos, audio, videos, and field trips to teach.

Cooperative learning:- Letting the students learn by engaging with peers. (Solving puzzles, acting dramas)

Inquiry-based instruction:- Ask questions on the same topic to express their unique ideas.

Differentiation:- Setting up a range of workstations and letting the students do what they are more competent in.

Technology-based teaching:- Letting the students use the relevant mobile device or other devices in the classroom.

Behaviour Management:- Conducting fun and interactive activities. 

The way of managing the classroom

If a teacher can not manage a classroom, she can not teach well. Therefore you have to reveal that you can manage the classroom well by using a relevant and appropriate method for the elementary students. 

Here are the main 4 classroom management methods.



There is a high control of students and the low involvement of the teacher. The majority are electric driven lessons. The teacher only gives instructions.

There is a high control of students but the high involvement of the teacher. There are classroom discussions. The teacher gives positive feedback.



There is a low control of the student and low involvement of the teacher. The student can do what they want. The teacher does not care about the students.

There is a low control of the students but high involvement of the teacher. The teacher is ready hard to find lessons for the students. The students have deeply cared, and comfortable with the lessons.

According to the above four classroom management types, the indulgent type is the best for elementary students. Therefore, you have to explain how you managed the classroom effectively.

Engagement with other professionals

Some schools hire elementary teacher assistants. Usually, they have to support the students to keep their attention on the lesson. As an elementary teacher, you have to cooperate with those peer teachers and teacher assistants. 

Therefore, highlight the situations that you engage in parallel teaching and how did the process succeed. 

Improvement of student

The teacher is responsible to improve the students in various ways. If you can talk about the proven behavioral improvement of the students or the results increments of the students in your achievements, that will be a great chance to impress the recruiters. 

The talent to handle any number of students

The best way to showcase your confidence as an elementary teacher is proving that you can handle and monitor a few numbers of students and even a huge number of students at the same level of consideration. Therefore explain how you handled such a huge crowd of students by providing a real situation of your career. 

Relationship with parents

As the instructor or protector of a set of beginner students, the elementary teacher is responsible to meet and exchange the ideas, complaints, suggestions, or improvements of the students with their parents periodically. Therefore if you can talk about those meetings positively the recruiters will surely impress. 

Here are some positive ways to talk about the relationship between the elementary teacher and the parents. 

  • Respecting the culture of the parents.
  • Creating a professional atmosphere in each meeting.
  • Speaking to the parents with passion.
  • Avoiding educational lingo while speaking.

Example from an Expert

Work Experience

Teacher (Grade 01) – 2015/Jan to 2018/Dec
Ypsilanti International Elementary School, Michigan

  • Tracked and monitored 25+ students by observing their educational performance, physical health, and behavior.
  • Awarded as the best teacher of the school in 2015 for the best performance in teaching.
  • Increased 50% of the student engagement level by using effective teaching strategies.
  • Monthly discussions with the guardians of the students about their behavioral and academic process.


Have you ever done private classes for elementary students?

If you are an entry-level elementary teacher you may wonder how you can explain your experience. But just remind yourself whether you have taught some relative kids for the passion. Otherwise, you may do some private classes for kids or elementary students as a freelance teacher. 

If yes. you are eligible to add an extra section as volunteer experience or freelance experience in your resume. But you have to list 3-6 achievements that you have gained as a freelance teacher or a volunteer teacher. For further enhancement, you can use the action verbs, keywords, years, percentages, and amounts in your achievements meaningfully.


How to reveal the educational background of an Elementary Teacher?

education qualifications for an elementary teacher

As a professional in the educational field, an elementary teacher should be a well-educated person. Therefore the applicants should complete at least a bachelor’s degree that is related to the teaching or elementary education fields. Here are some bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that enhance the educational background of an elementary teacher. 

Bachelor’s Degrees for an Elementary Teacher

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with Elementary Education Licensing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with Elementary Education Theory
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with Early Childhood Education Licensing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with Early Childhood Education Theory

Master’s Degrees for an Elementary Teacher

  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership with Principal Licensure
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership without Licensure
  • Master of Education in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education
  • Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction – Emphasis in Alternative Licensing
  • Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction – Emphasis in Biblical Studies
  • Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction – Emphasis in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

However, the way of sharing the details of your degree program is more important. That means you should mention a complete set of information briefly. Furthermore, the most essential information in the educational section is the type of degree program, graduated year, university or college name, and location. 

If you want to stand out among the crowd you can mention some relevant coursework and your GPA as follows. But we suggest you not to mention your GPA if it is less than 3.0. 

Example from an Expert


Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education – 2013/Jan to 2015/Dec
Wartburg College, Waverly

  • Relevant Coursework:- Children’s Literature, Teaching Physical Education, Health, and Fitness in the Elementary School, Teaching Art and Music in the Elementary School, Psychology of the Exceptional Child, Child Development
  • GPA:- 3.56


What are the most in-demand Soft Skills of an Elementary Teacher?

Time management:-  Teachers should be able to manage a lesson within a short time period. At the same time, they have to consider each student separately. Doing assessments and winding up group activities should be done on time. Therefore the time management skill is more essential for an elementary teacher.

Organizational skills:- The elementary classrooms are usually full of charts, objects, toys, and the number of active children. As well as an elementary teacher has to manage lesson plans, assessments, reports, and attendance sheets on time. To handle the process of teaching and learning smoothly an elementary teacher should have good organizational skills. 

Creativity:- Understanding the kids’ minds and teaching them according to their level of experience and status of mind is a crucial task. Therefore an elementary teacher has to always open her creative mind to teach through fun games and activities.

Oral and written communication:- As the kids understand and learn what the elementary teacher says and writes on the whiteboard, she has to have a broader and fluent ability of communication in oral and written. At the same time, non-verbal communication is a must for an elementary teacher because children learn a lot from gestures and postures.

Multi-tasking skills:- The teacher is the kind of person who has to monitor the students while checking the books, write on the whiteboard while explaining, or handle more than 3 groups of at least 5 kids. Therefore multitasking ability is a must to be a great elementary teacher.

number of skills to add in a elementary teacher skills section


What kind of Teaching-specific Skills related to an Elementary Teacher?

The teaching process is not only explaining something and checking whether the learner understood the lesson. Nowadays the teaching process has gone beyond the classroom environment. 

Sometimes, elementary teachers have to monitor, teach, evaluate and motivate the students through social media or online lessons. Furthermore, the capability of handing online teaching softwares such as zoom is an extra but essential teaching-specific skill.

Here are some other teaching-specific skills (hard / technical skills) related to an elementary teacher.

  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Management
  • Curriculum & Assessment
  • Computer-Based Instruction
  • Educational Technology (e.g., SmartBoards, Virtual Learning)
  • Educational Growth and Development
  • Elementary Grade-Level Literature
  • Elementary Grade-Level Arithmetic
  • Elementary Grade-Level Science
  • Elementary Grade-Level History
  • Elementary Grade-Level Art
  • Elementary Grade-Level Physical Education
  • First Aid, CPR, and AEDs
  • Integrated Learning Systems
  • Learner Assessment
  • Mobile Apps (e.g., Kahoot)
  • SMART Board Interactive Displays
  • Standardized Testing
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Teaching Students With Special Needs
  • Teaching Gifted and Talented Students
  • Teaching Software (e.g., Haiku Learning, Edmodo)


What is the difference between an entry-level Elementary Teacher and an experienced Elementary Teacher?

Experienced Elementary Teacher

Entry-Level Elementary Teacher

Main Section Structure

Resume header
Resume Summary
Work experience

Resume header
Objective statement

Extra Sections

  • Certifications & licenses
  • Awards & Honors
  • Clubs & Memberships
  • Freelance work
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Volunteer work

Reverse Chronological Resume Format

Combined / Hybrid Resume Format

Summary Statement

Resume Summary

Objective statement


How to write an impressive objective statement for an entry-level Elementary Teacher?

You may already finish your degree and seek a vacancy to be an elementary teacher. At the same time, you may think about how to show your value among the experienced applicants. The objective summary is the best substitution for the resume summary that lets the entry-level applicants show their value.

You have to explain how you can help the institute or the elementary school to achieve the official goals. They may be increasing the average assessment results of the students, improving the behavioral quality of the students, or increments the student engagements with the extracurricular activities. However give them a plan to achieve those official goals using your unique skills, talent, competencies, and educational background

Then your resume will really impress the recruiters with your confidence, critical and analytical thinking, and organizational skill. Finally, they will hire you though you have no prior experience as an elementary teacher.


Have you ever certified as a child care professional?

Each piece of information on your resume should emphasize your uniqueness. Certificates can show your specificity to the teaching field. Therefore add the certifications related to the child care, elementary teaching, or educational field. 

Here are some examples of the certifications that an elementary teacher can include in her resume. 

  • Middle Childhood National Board Certification – National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Early and Middle Childhood National Board Certification – National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Pilates Certified Teacher – Pilates Method Alliance
  • Certified Childcare Professional – National Early Childhood Program Accreditation

Ensure that you have mentioned the full name of the certification, certified year, certified organization, and certificate URL if available in the ‘Certifications & licenses’ section


Have you ever donated your time to the child care associations?

The recruiters tend to seek an applicant who can prove that teaching or child-caring is a passion of her life. Therefore if you are a member of a child care association surely mention them in the ‘Clubs & Memberships’ section. That will be worth being an elementary teacher. 

Here are some famous child care associations. It is not a matter though it is a rural association. The thing is it should be child care or child-related association. 

  • Smile Foundation
  • Keeping Children Safe
  • Defense for Children International (DCI)
  • Save the children


How do you spend your leisure time?

As I said earlier, the hiring managers or the principals of the elementary schools who hire you, are very fond of knowing you are a child-caring person or professional who tries to enhance the teaching skill of your own in your personal life. 

Therefore if you spend your leisure time creating effective teaching materials, building creative fun games to learn, preparing educational charts and wall hangers you draw the attention of the recruiter more than anyone. 

Therefore, mention under the ‘Interests & Hobbies’ section what you are doing for the development of the teaching and learning process. 

List of the relevant action verbs for a elementary teacher

Best tips and secrets from a Professional Elementary Teacher

TIP #01:- Conducting a self-research

Do not take this self-research as seriously as your research of degree program. You have to search for the background, duties, and responsibilities of the job and which kind of elementary teacher is looking for the hiring managers.

You can do it easily with the help of social media. That means go through the official website Facebook page, Twitter account, or LinkedIn profile of the elementary school. Finally, you will understand the following facts.

  • Whether it is an elementary school in a rural or urban area.
  • How many students study at school?
  • The rules and regulations of the school.
  • What are the duties and responsibilities of an elementary teacher?
  • What kind of national or international awards and achievements that the school has gained?

This information will tell you how to tailor your resume. According to the status of the school, students, rules, and regulations, you should change the skills, talents, qualifications, and achievements that you focus more on in your resume.

TIP #02:- Using relevant keywords and key phrases

During the self-research job advertisement acts as a great source to find out the most suitable words to tailor your resume. The educational background or child-caring specific words are the most relevant keywords for an elementary teacher. 

When you describe your achievements in the summary or career history you can use them in a meaningful way. Because using the relevant keywords will enhance the ATS friendliness of your resume. 

Here we have highlighted the keywords of the following sample job title. You can follow it for a better understanding. 

List of the keywords related to a elementary teacher

TIP #03:- Adding suitable action verbs

Action verbs are also common verbs. But they are specific to the teaching and learning process. Therefore the job advertisement usually includes those set of words mainly in the duties and responsibilities section. 

Just select those action verbs and use them to explain your achievements. Here we have selected the action verbs of the following sample job advertisement.

List of the action verbs related to a elementary teacher

List of action verbs related to an elementary teacher

  • Assisted
  • Attended
  • Created
  • Demonstrated
  • Handled
  • Improved
  • Instructed
  • Kept
  • Led
  • Measured
  • Motivated
  • Monitored
  • Prepared
  • Planned
  • Questioned
  • Recognized
  • Supervised
  • Scheduled
  • Taught
  • Used

TIP #04:- Attaching a cover letter

What do you think about cover letter writing? Do you think that an applicant should attach a cover letter, if the job advertisement requests it or if the applicant has a specific reason to mention? But that is a myth. 

You can write a perfect cover letter to impress the hiring managers. Because the cover letter provides the space to appreciate the facilities, goodwill, fame, and achievements of the school that draw your attention to apply for the vacancy.

TIP #05:- Save the resume in PDF format

The majority of elementary teachers lose their job opportunities because they submit an image file of their resumes. But ATS can not read the text in an image. If the text of your document can select, the file is 80% ATS friendly. 

The PDF file is the best ATS friendly resume file format. But Doc., Docx., and plain text formats are also ATS friendly. We recommend the PDF format because it is a universal file format and anyone can not edit a PDF format. 

The Modern Recruitment Process of Educational Institutes

modern recruitment process

Overview of the modern recruitment process

The above image shows a quick overview of the modern recruitment process. If a private or public school wants to hire an elementary teacher they tend to post the advertisement on their official website or other job posting website.

Hundreds of applicants who are eligible and passionate to be elementary teachers, compete for the vacancy by submitting their resumes through emails. 

After the closing date, the hiring managers upload the received resumes to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and filter the top resumes. The ATS checks whether the resume includes the relevant qualifications, skills, keywords, and action verbs. Score them and filter the top-scored resumes.

Then the recruiters scan the top resumes and select the best few resumes. The owners of those best resumes are only called for the interview. 

Finally, the hiring board interviews the applicants and selects the suitable elementary teacher from them. 

Salary of an Elementary Teacher

The salary of an elementary teacher depends on the institute/school that she is employed at. 85% of elementary teachers work at public elementary schools. Furthermore, a public elementary school teacher earns $60,870 per year. In contrast, 13% of elementary teachers teach in private elementary schools. Also, a private elementary school teacher is able to get $48,100 per year. 

Not mentioning the salary expectation in your resume will help the recruiters to feel that your intention is not the salary. You can mention a fair and suitable salary as your expectation, only if the job advertisement requests you to mention it. 

More sample job descriptions for content writers

Senior Elementary Teacher

  • Trained 50+ junior and trainee elementary teachers by providing relevant guidance.
  • Implemented innovative lessons in all subjects.
  • Conducted 100+ before and after school sessions to assist the students in providing extra help.
  • Communicated in a friendly manner and repeat the lessons if the students get any doubts.
  • Monitored the disciplines of both teachers and students and advised them if any needed.
  • Created new lesson plans which meet both student needs and curriculum guidelines.
  • Awarded as the Teacher of the month in February of 2014 for the best classroom management.
  • Participated and conducted group discussions and meetings with the staff periodically.
  • Discussed the growth, weaknesses, improvements, and other information about the students with the parents at least once a month.
  • Designed the relevant student assessments and evaluated them usually.

Junior Elementary Teacher

  • Documented all lesson plans, evaluation marks, attendance, and other information of the students on time.
  • Increased student satisfaction by 20% by using friendly talk and simple explanations.
  • Conducted both summative and formative assessments according to the needs.
  • Interacted with the authorities, senior elementary teachers, trainees, teacher aides, parents, and students in a friendly manner.
  • Maintained the standards of the classroom by monitoring the students well.
  • Improved job-related skills by participating in on-going training and staff development activities.
  • Solved the problems of the children quickly by making both parties happy.
  • Taught all the subjects, 5+ classes of 20+ students, during 3 years.
  • Used new technological aids to conduct the lessons more practically.
  • Planned organized and conducted educational field trips for the students by cooperatively engaged with parents and peer teachers.

Elementary Teacher Aide

  • Assisted the students by providing one-on-one supports and other behavioral needs.
  • Provided the best service to serve the high-quality education for each student.
  • Created and developed strong bonds and relationships with teachers and students.
  • Helped the elementary teachers in executing lesson plans.
  • Handled 200+ young children in the urban public school environment.
  • Achieved both long-term and short-term goals by planning them well.
  • Attended 10+ before school and 20+ after-school meetings.
  • Helped the elementary teacher to uphold the school policies.
  • Managed the students in classroom activities according to the guidance of the teacher.
  • Monitored the students by giving small group instructions when needed.

Educational Assistant

  • Managed the cleanliness of the classroom by organizing the educational equipment and materials.
  • Dealt with 20+ challenging students by providing friendly interactions.
  • Proven track record of assisting the teacher without disturbing the teaching process of the elementary teacher.
  • Worked in a stressful and pressure environment with controlling and enduring emotions.
  • Understood the individual expectations of each student and focus on their achievements.
  • Connected with the families of the students and advised them to assist students at home.
  • Motivated the students to listen to the lessons when the teacher is teaching.
  • Tracked the students who wanted more attention than others and looked after them more.
  • Maintained a professional personal appearance and increased children’s mindset positively.
  • Placed and removed the assisting materials from the store to the correct place vise versa.

Elementary Teacher Resume Sample (Text Version)

Maya Kennedy

Certified Elementary Teacher

+(310) 856 1588


Connecticut, Bridgeport

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/me/maya93kennedy


Student-focused, empathetic, effective, and dedicated teaching professional with 10 years of experience in managing classrooms of more than 20 students. Certified as a Childcare Professional in 2016 from National Early Childhood Program Accreditation. Won the best teacher appreciation award in 2014 for the talent of developing hands-on lessons and capturing the children’s imagination and breed success.

Work Experience

Teacher (Grade 4, 5)

Hillsborough Elementary School, New Jersey (2015/Jan to Present)

  • Managed more than 20 students by observing and evaluating their performance, behavior, and physical health.
  • Discussed with the pupils and respective guardians about the students’ process or any problem regularly.
  • Conducted the graded tests or assignments to evaluate the students’ progress and provided individual feedback.
  • Taught all subjects including language, Arts, Maths, Science, and Technology.

Teacher (Grade 1, 2, 3)

Sunset Beach Elementary School, Pupukea (2010/Jan to 2014/Dec)

  • Assigned and reviewed challenging homework and assignments daily.
  • Supervised more than 25 students during the regular school hours and any afterschool activities.
  • Engaged with the peer teachers, parents, guardians, or administrators to resolve the behavioral and academic problems of the students.
  • Conducted both group and individual activities and increased the student engagement level by 20%.

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education (2007/Jan to 2009/Dec)

Lees-McRae College, Banner Elk

  • Relevant Coursework:- Child Development, Children’s Literature, Psychology of the Exceptional Child, Teaching Art and Music in the Elementary School, Teaching Physical Education, Health, and Fitness in the Elementary School
  • GPA:- 3.80

Childcare Professional Certification (2014/Jan)

National Early Childhood Program Accreditation

Early and Middle Childhood National Board Certification (2010/Sep)

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Hard Working
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Management
  • Curriculum & Assessment
  • Teaching Strategies
  • First Aid, CPR, and AEDs
  • Educational Growth and Development
  • Time Management
  • Responsible
  • Teaching & Instructional Skills
  • SmartBoards
  • Haiku Learning

English Native Speaker

German Good Working Knowledge

French Working Knowledge

Russian Highly Proficient