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Graphic Designer Resume

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Complete Resume Guide for a Graphic Designer


Do Visual Designer Employers like fancy Resume Templates?

the best page setup of a Graphic Designer resume

The resume is a professional document. So do not try to showcase your designing talent by including fancy and heavy visuals in your resume. It is better to add some simple graphics to ensure the ATS friendliness of the resume template. Because the heavy graphics bother to the readability of both the ATS and hiring managers.

The recruiters love to know your talent and competencies in detail. Choose a resume template based on your willingness. But ensure that it never disturbs the readability of the resume content.

However, we suggest using a free online resume builder to create your graphic designer resume. Because there are various types of unique resume templates and they have ensured the ATS friendliness, quality, and standard by 80%. 

Beyond that, check whether the template has used a clear font style. It should be suitable for a visual designer like Georgia or Helvetica.

Especially, make sure your template provides enough space to arrange all major and sub partitions of your resume. Because some templates waste space for graphics. A one-page resume is the most perfect resume length for any graphic inventor. 

Have you experienced more than 5 years as a visual designer? Do you have a lot of career achievements that ought to mention? So then you can go to a two-page resume.


Do the recruiters want to see my photo in the resume?

If they want they will surely mention it in the employment advertisement. Then add a professional-looking photo to your document

Otherwise, it is better to select a photo-free resume template. Then you can save the space to enter another professional detail of you.


What should the Graphic Designer Resume Header look like?

The most essential points for a Graphic Designer resume header

The resume header of a graphic designer looks like a business card. Because it is a collection of the major contact details such as name, location, job title, contact number, and email address. 

The social media URLs are optional to mention in the resume header. But never mention any personal information such as height, weight, civil status, beliefs, and creeds in the graphic designer resume header. 

Make your resume header professional by stating only first and last name except for the full name. Reveal only the city and state instead of the full address. Further, you ought to provide one personal mobile number and a professional email address

Mention the same job title noted in the job advert as the job title of your resume header. So your graphic designer resume will draw the hiring person’s attention fast.


Can a Visual Artist use social media in his resume effectively?

Why not! Nowadays social media provides a stage to show personal talent. Have you ever shared your competencies and abilities as follows? So be hurry to add your personal profile links in your resume header.

LinkedIn / Twitter:- Can you prove your prior career history from these accounts? Then it is better to provide the profile link. 

Facebook / Instagram:- Do you upload the pieces of your work on Facebook or Instagram daily or periodically? So the managers who hire you will be impressed to see that link in your resume header. 

Pinterest:- Do you have an active profile on Pinterest which has uploaded unique images that were designed by you? Better to cite the URL.

Youtube:- Do you have a youtube channel on a beginner / advanced visual designing course, designing tips, or quick methods? Surely mention the URL in your resume header.


What must the Graphic Designer Resume Summary say?

Graphic Designer resume summary

The top accomplishments, unique skills, competencies, talents, and the best academic qualification you have achieved are eligible to enter your resume summary.  But make sure that they are correlated to the graphic designing field.

But you have to link that powerful information together. Try to make a brief paragraph which says you are the most suitable applicant for the target graphic designer position. 

The keywords and numeric values such as years, percentages, and amounts will enhance the worth of the graphic designer resume summary. Do not forget to write your resume summary statement in active voice using powerful action verbs.

Example from an Expert


Highly creative and multi-talented graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience has engaged with about 5000 projects by producing multimedia, marketing, and printing designs. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Design.


Should a Graphic Designer include all Work Experience in the Resume?

how to list Graphic Designer resume work experience

No! If you have experience for 10+ years, limit your resume experience section only to the most recent 10 years. Because the recruiters want to know the most recent and relevant experience

Do you have the same job experience that they are expected? If yes, your graphic designer resume will earn extra points than others. 

When you mention your work experiences it is better to mention the job title, employment duration, company name, and location with at least 3-5 bullet points of competencies that you have gained. 

Further, you can make your resume stand out by using the relevant key terms, action verbs, and the quantified metrics such as years, amounts, and percentages as possible.

Example from an Expert

Work Experience

Graphic Designer – 2016/Jan to Present
FINIEN, Downtown Core

  • Conceptualized more than 20 logo designs for unique brands.
  • RPerformed video and sound editing for 50+ ads with high-quality media.
  • Produced 60+ creative website layouts for both e-commerce and non-e-commerce platforms.


How to develop powerful Career Achievements for a Graphic Designer?

Highlight your graphic designing type based on their needs

The following table contains the types of visual artists. The different types of agencies request a specific designer according to their expectations. 

So, you have to understand first what kind of designer your target workplace is searching for. Then you can adjust the skills, qualifications, career achievements, and talents to the correct pitch of your resume based on their desires. 

Otherwise, include all your skills and abilities and let them know you are a full package designer.

Designer Type

Graphic Production Types

Essential skills

Visual identity graphic designer

typography, logos, image libraries, color palettes, style guides, business cards, memorandums

conceptual and creative skills, researching skills in industries, organizations, trends, and competitors

Marketing & advertising visual artist

Signage and trade show displays, vehicle wraps, billboards, Infographics, Email marketing templates, PowerPoint presentations

Communication skills, problem-solving, time management skills

Web designer

Game interfaces, Web page design, Theme design (WordPress, Shopify, etc.), App design (mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps)

Team working, collaboration, research skills, visual communication skills

Publication visual artist

Brochures, Magazine, Newspaper, Posters, banners, Book covers, catalogs, Directories, Annual reports, Newsletters

layout and organizational skills, color management, printing, and digital publishing

Packaging graphic designer

Print-ready files and mockups of the product for the packing labels, boxes, bottles, bags, cans, containers, or canisters

Printing, industrial design, manufacturing

Motion visual artist

Animations and GIFs for marketing in video games, animated texts, logos, applications, banners, and subtitles

strong computer skills, digital marketing, lighting, effects, and animation skills

Environmental graphic designer

Signage, Wall murals, Event and conference spaces, Stadium branding, Retail store interiors, Office branding, Public transportation navigation, Museum exhibitions

industrial design concepts, architectural plans reading skills, industrial designing skills

Showcase your scope of the designing industry

Thoroughly refer to the ‘Graphic Production Types’ column of the above table and list down the creations that you have engaged within our profession separately. Cross-check the terms with the requested production types of your job advert and highlight them. Then add the outlined items in your resume content as possible. 

Reveal you are an expert in both printing and online sectors

Though the previous designers are limited to the printing materials nowadays graphic designing has broadened in the online sector than printing. 

Focus on ‘preferred’ skills more

The majority of career advertisements pointed out a few specific skills such as 3D graphics, Unreal Engine, and Figma that are preferred to see in the applicants’ resumes. 

As they are value-added items in your graphic designer resume, state them in the resume summary and your achievements. But only if you have those competencies.


What to put in the Education Section of a Graphic Designer Resume?

education qualifications for Graphic Designer

A bachelor’s degree in Visual Design, Graphic Design, Commercial Art, or any other related area of assignment from an appropriately accredited institution is the basic educational qualification that is required from the visual designer applicants. 

Do not forget to mention the degree type, major subject, graduated date, university name, and location under the degree information. Other than that you can include the relevant coursework based on the requirements of the job advert and GPA as your wish. But remember not to mention your GPA if it is less than 3.0.

Here are some coursework or subjects that are linked with the graphic designing field. Use them effectively. 

  • Graphic Designing History/Theory/Criticism
  • Package Design
  • Graphic Designing Materials and Processes
  • Life Drawing
  • Graphics Designing Professional Practice
  • 2D and 3D Design
  • Graphic Designing Collaborative Process
  • Color and Surface
  • Graphic Designing Design Issues
  • Digital Imaging
  • Graphic Designing Logo/Visual Identity
  • Digital Prepress
  • Graphic Designing Print Layouts and Publications
  • Spatial Dynamics
  • Typography

Example from an Expert


A bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design – 2016/Feb to 2018/Dec
Full Sail University, Florida

  • Relevant Coursework:- Package Design, Graphic Designing Materials, and Processes, Life Drawing, Digital Imaging, Graphic Designing Logo/Visual Identity
  • GPA:- 3.54


How many Soft Skills to include in the Graphic Designer Resume?

number of skills to add in a Graphic Designer skills section

As the image represents, it is better to mention at least 8-10 skills including soft and hard skills in the skills section. Here are the applicable soft skills in a visual designer resume sample.

Time-management:-  The candidates must be ready to work on multiple projects at the same time in a fast-paced environment. Therefore the recruiters are seeking the time manageable applicants effectively. As a result, do not forget to note the time management skill in your resume sample.

Excellent communication skill:- The excellent ability in written and oral communication will allow the applicant to confirm and express the information to the production or marketing team. For that reason revealing you are fluent in communication will affect you positively. 

Teamwork:- Usually a graphic designer has to work in a team-based environment such as working with the photography team, marketing, or production team. So, being an active team member will help the applicant to be an excellent designer. 

Problem Solving:- Most of the time the companies are searching for a designer who can provide the best thoughtful solutions for the designing problems of their creative departments. So, the problem-solving skill is also a must for a visual artist 

Creativity:- As the full process of designing is based on creativity the knack for creating eye-catching imagery is a must for the candidates. At the same time, he must be able to adjust his creativity according to the project requirements and concept. 

Organizational skills:- The job seeker is responsible to prioritize and manage multiple projects or tasks simultaneously. So only an organized employee can smoothly process the duties as a visual artist. 

Other than the above major soft skills you can include attention to detail, decision-making, multi-tasking, analytical and memorization skills in your graphic designer skills section.


Does a Graphic Designer Resume need Hard Skills?

Yes, why not! There are so many hard skills that can be applied to visual designing resumes. You do not need to have all the following competencies. But you need to have the hard skills requested by the job advertisement. 

The following skills can include as aids and supplements to achieve your career goals of resume summary, work experience, or other sections. But the skills section is the main home to place powerful and unique hard skills.

  • Design principles
  • Design theory
  • Communication design
  • 3D design
  • Art history
  • Color theory
  • Visual principles
  • Dynamic Visual Design
  • Infographics Design
  • Video Editing
  • Video Photomontages
  • Film/television
  • Typography
  • Animation
  • Sketching
  • Print Design
  • Web Design (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Printing techniques
  • Visual art
  • Media Production
  • Storytelling
  • Social Media
  • Lithography
  • Retouching
  • Photograph Restoration
  • Stationery design

Specific Software requirements

  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Fine art
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • CorelDRAW
  • QuarkXPress
  • Dreamweaver
  • Freehand
  • Creative Cloud
  • Unreal Engine
  • Figma
  • Quark
  • Pagemaker
  • Canva


How to create a Graphic Designer Resume for a Fresher?

Experienced Graphic Designer Resume

Entry-Level Graphic Designer Resume

Main Section Structure

Resume header
Resume Summary
Career experience

Resume header
Objective statement

Extra Sections

  • Awards & Honors
  • Clubs & Memberships
  • Personal projects
  • Freelance work
  • Volunteer work

Reverse Chronological Resume Format

Combined / Hybrid Resume Format

Summary Statement

Resume Summary

Objective statement


How does an Entry-level Graphic Designer write a Resume Objective?

If you are an entry-level, student, intern, or fresher visual artist you are eligible to enter an objective statement in your resume sample except for a summary statement. 

The recruiters are looking for the freshers who explain how they can help the company to achieve the official goals by using their skills, competencies, talents, creativity, and educational background. 

So, make an effort to briefly demonstrate a minimum level of online design work, freelance work, or school-based projects as your experience in your graphic designer resume objective.

Especially try to ensure that you are actively enrolled as a full-time student for at least one year of an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate Degree in an officially authorized institution.

For further enhancement, you can link some suited action verbs, keywords, numeric values to the content of your resume objective.


Have you ever provided your Graphic Designing Service as a Freelancer?

If yes, that is great! Here are the top freelancing sites for a graphic designer. Check whether you have ever engaged with the following sites.

If you have active accounts in these sites and if you can showcase your talent and creativity as a visual artist from those profiles you can add the URLs to your resume header. That will impress your hiring personnel. 

Other than that, you can list down 3-6 bullet points of the goals you have achieved as a freelance graphic designer under the ‘Freelance Experience’ sector.

How to create a resume step by step for a Graphic Designer

Ask from a Professional Graphic Designer (Best Tips and Secrets)

Quiz #01: What Keywords do the Graphic Designer Resume Scanners look for?

Exceptionally, the ATS searching for the skills, qualifications, and other competencies mentioned in the job post. Therefore you have to collect the keywords that represent those requirements and join them in your resume content meaningfully. 

Never list down those words or add them to the content by forcing. Because if you try to cheat the ATS your resume will be rejected as soon as possible. 

The following sample job advertisement will assist you to select the suitable keywords correctly.

Quiz #02: What are the powerful Action Verbs in a Graphic Designer Resume?

It depends on the job advertisement. That means, though many action verbs are representing the duties and responsibilities of a visual artist, the given action verbs in the job advert are the most impactful and powerful verbs in your resume.

Therefore, read the advertisement thoroughly and select the given verbs separately. Then you can use them when you create your career achievements in the resume summary, work experience, and other sections. 

Especially, you can start the bullet points from a powerful action verb. But never arrange the set of action verbs as a list in your resume. 

Refer to the following sample job advert for better understanding.

Quiz #03: When a Graphic Designer Cover Letter to be sent?

There is no reason or time to send a cover letter with your graphic designer resume. That means though the hiring personnel has not inquired a cover letter, still you have the chance to send a perfect cover letter

You may don’t know that the applicant can impress the hiring authorities by sending a cover letter. Because you can communicate with them through a cover letter in a friendly manner.  

Admiring the company goodwill, status, features, and sustainability, explaining the positive reasons for applying for the vacancy, revealing you have done research on them, and mentioning the plus feedback you got from the current employees and customers of the premises will enhance the content worth of your cover letter.

Modern Recruitment Process of a Graphic Designer

modern recruitment process of Graphic Designer


Though there is a trend for freelance graphic designers nowadays, still, qualified applicants are searching for professional opportunities to enhance their experiences. 

So the majority of graphic designing companies, agencies, or institutes who hire visual artists, publish their job vacancies on their official website or job posting sites. 

As the thousands of job applications for one opening are received through the internet the hiring personnel store the resumes in an Applicant Tracking System(ATS) and filter the top resumes saving their time and labor. 

So the hiring managers only scan the top resumes and select the best few resumes for the interview session. Finally, the employee is selected in the interview by the hiring board. 

For that reason, you have to tailor your resume as suitable not only for recruiters but also for the ATS test.

Salary of a Graphic Designer

The average base pay of a graphic designer is $45,677 per year. But that amount may be slightly different based on the company, location, years of experience, and the certifications of the visual artist.

If the hiring managers have requested from you to state your salary expectation in the resume, bring up a fair and believable salary of a graphic designer. Otherwise, never mention your salary expectation in the resume. Because that reveals your motivation is the salary.

Graphic Designer Resume Sample (Text Version)

Jace Dominic

Graphic Designer

+(310) 879 5 124

New Mexico, Santa Fe




Innovative and deadline-driven graphic designer with 10+ years of experience who holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Design has created more than 5000 unique products such as multimedia, marketing, and print designs. Awarded as the best designer of the company in 2015.

Work Experience

Graphic Designer

KTD Creative, Washington 2017/may to Present

  • Consulted and trained 3 trainee graphic designers with expert guidance.
  • Created more than 300 unique designs and layouts for digital publications.
  • Originated a set of reusable brochure templates with more than 100 designs.

Graphic Designer

Gretel, New York 2014/may to 2017/Apr

  • Prepared more than 500 unique illustrations and rough sketches for printing materials based on the client’s requirements.
  • Won the best designer in the company award in 2015 for the best performance.
  • Designed custom typography and logo which caused to increase the sales by 20% within 3 months of a reputable company.

Graphic Designer

Kym Abrams Design, Chicago 2010/Jan to 2014/Feb

  • Designed more than 50 perfect layouts for the eCommerce and non-eCommerce websites.
  • Illustrated eye-catching infographics which boosted the social media shareability by 30% within one month.
  • Produced the best quality animations and video materials for the company Youtube channel with unique content.

Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design 2007/Feb to 2009/Dec

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • Relevant Coursework:- Package Design, Graphic Designing Materials and Processes, Life Drawing, Digital Imaging, Graphic Designing Logo/Visual Identity, Graphic Designing Professional Practice, Color and Surface, Graphic Designing Design Issues, Digital Imaging, 2D and 3D Design
  • GPA:- 3.54
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Time-management skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Creativity
  • 3D design
  • Infographics Design
  • Video Editing
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Drawing and painting by using software and manually
  • Video Editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Animation creation

English Native Speaker

German Working Knowledge

French Working Knowledge

Spanish Working Knowledge