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Receptionist Resume

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Complete Resume Guide for a Receptionist


How to make a perfect Receptionist Resume Template?

the best page setup of a Receptionist resume

We suggest using an online resume builder. They ensure the quality and standard of your receptionist resume. 

You should consider the following facts when you create or select a resume template. 

ATS friendliness:- Check whether the text can select and the links can click. Use simple graphics in your resume. 

Font Style:-  You can follow our article on the font style to choose the most applicable font in your receptionist resume.

Color:- Select a cool and calm color. Do not select a template with luminous colors. 

Resume length:- The perfect resume length for any front desk assistant is one-page. But experienced receptionists for more than 10 years can create a two-page resume. 

Photograph:- Only if the job advert requests to add a photo, attach a professional-looking photo. Otherwise, select a photo-free resume template

File format:- The best file format for the resumes is the PDF format. It is an ATS friendly and universal file format. You can also use Word or plain text format. They are ATS friendly too.


What to put in Receptionist Resume Header?

 The most essential points for a Receptionist resume header

You should provide your contact information in the resume header. That means your name, location, job title, contact number, and email address. 

The social media URL can state in the header. But they are not mandatory. Can you prove any of your skill or career history details from your personal profile? Then share the links. 

Do not mention your full name. The first and last name is enough because you can save more space.

The recruiters will think you are so far from the office. So, only mention the city and state

What is your job title? Check the given job title in your job advert. That is suitable as your job title. 

That may be a Receptionist (Front Office / Referral Specialist / High School / Evening / Information Desk / Medical), Administrative Assistant, General Office Assistant, Front Desk Worker, and Main Entrance Assistant.

Let the recruiters contact you by adding a personal contact number of you. 

Make sure your email address doesn’t contain any fancy words. The professional email has a positive impact on resume writing.


 Receptionist  resume summary

How does a Receptionist write a Resume Summary?

The best receptionist summary statement is an overview of the competencies, accomplishments, and top achievements.  

Especially bring up your highlights of qualifications as an administrative assistant. 

The summary statement writes in the active voice using the relevant action verbs. The relevant keywords and quantified metrics will enhance the worth of your summary statement further. 

Here is an example of a receptionist resume summary.

Example from an Expert


Customer service-oriented receptionist with proven experience of 5+ years in both the public and private sectors who are proficient in record-keeping by using relevant software and manual methods. Provides administrative support by handling the guests, updating the schedules, managing the phone calls, emails, and posted mails.


What is the function of a Receptionist Work Experience?

how to list Receptionist  resume work experience

The function of the work experience section is to share the company names, locations, and duration of your career history. But the main fact is stating the achievements you have gained as a front office worker. 

Try to add at least 3 – 4 bullet points of your career attainments. Never create a list of general office duties of a receptionist, because the recruiters already know them.

You can add relevant action verbs, keywords, and quantified metrics to increase the receptionist appraisals. Quantified metrics are the percentages, amounts, years, and other numeric values.

Example from an Expert

Work Experience

Receptionist – 2014/Jan to 2017/Jan
Grivetiz, Hawaii

  • Received and sent approximately more than 200 phone calls, emails, and postal mails per day.
  • Greeted more than 250 guests and customers per day in a friendly manner.
  • Collected the relevant information and updated the sign-in/out logbooks.
  • Ensured the clean and pleasant waiting area and reception.


How to Create Smart Achievements for Receptionist Resume?

The recent and relevant victories you have achieved in previous jobs are the smartest goals for your resume. Especially, the recruiters love to see them. 

The following facts will help you to build perfect accomplishments as a receptionist. 

Best performance in handling angry customers

You can explain your method of handling angry customers as the front desk receptionist of the company. Remind the number of situations you have faced such customers. Presenting your accomplishment with the numeric value. 

For example, 

  • Calming down.
  • Focusing on the issue.
  • Creating a positive impression on the caller.
  • Using effective listening skills.
  • Not tolerate any form of bullying and aggressive language.
  • Not swear to a customer or client.

Best performance in multi-tasking

You may have plenty of multitasking experience in previous jobs as a receptionist. Remind the occasions and briefly mention your victory in completing multi-tasks. 

For example, you were required to answer the telephone, operate the online booking system, check-in the arrived customers at the reception area, and complete a time-sensitive project for the manager. But you prioritized the task effectively and completed all duties without stress.

Flexibility and willingness to work overtime

A receptionist can not just pack up and go home at the end of the working day on time. 

Sometimes, the front desk assistant has to help out by working overtime. For example, in the middle of dealing with a customer or an important project. 

So, Make an effort to reveal you are ready to work anytime when the need arises. Come up with the prior experiences you have. 

Passion of being a receptionist.

If you are an active talker and listener, that will be a great chance. Because you can explain the people skills in your personal life.

For example, people enjoy talking to you because you’re a good listener and you can identify their needs. 

This achievement can add into your receptionist resume and cover letter to show your passion. 

The extra value of your pleasant look and smile

The receptionist is the first face that most people see when they enter the office. If you can talk about your look and the smile positively, highlight it in your resume achievements. Specifically, if there is a positive feedback for your smile, appearance, and way of talking, let the target recruiters know them.


What are the Receptionist Qualifications needed from the Academic sector?

education qualifications for an Receptionist

The majority of companies required a high school diploma as the minimum educational qualification from a receptionist. But the high standard companies require an associate or bachelor’s degree in the related field.

So, refer to the job poster thoroughly and find out the educational requirement of your target workplace.

State at least the qualification type, studied duration, high school name, and location under the education section.

Do not limit to that common frame. Remind the accomplishments you achieved as a high school student. Mention them in the bullet points. Also, they should relate to the duties and skills of a receptionist.

Example from an Expert


High School Diploma – 2009/Jan to 2011/Dec
Brooklyn Latin School, New York

  • Helped the school receptionist in office administration as the class president.
  • Expert in writing official letters of peer students.


What are the suitable Soft Skills and abilities for Receptionist Resume?

The following soft skills are most required in the receptionist resume skills section. Also, patience, efficiency, trustworthiness, adaptability, prioritizing, dedication, enthusiasm, loyalty, and interpersonal skills can include there. 

Organizational skills:- Being organized is the most important quality of competent receptionists. Also, pre-planning is one of its key strengths. So do not miss organizational skill in your resume.

Time Management:- The applicants have to conduct many duties during a working day. For example, handling projects, mails, clients, or documents. So time management skill is a must for a receptionist.

Communicational skills:- The front desk assistant is the connector from company to customer and vise versa. She has to present the company goals, services, products and rules for the customers. Hence, insert the communication skill in your resume skills section. 

Problem-solving skills:- The receptionist is responsible to understand the comments, feedback, suggestions, inquiries, problems and issues of the customers. So the applicant should be a tolerant person who can provide effective solutions for the emergencies. 

Cooperative skills:- The company authorities, managers, employees, customers and clients usually interact with the receptionist. So, the applicant must cooperate for their matters and needs. 

number of skills to add in a Receptionist  skills section


What are the Receptionist Hard Skills and abilities?

The following receptionist skills and qualities are specific for their position. You can add them in the skills section and career achievements of summary statement, work experience, and other sections.

Hard Skills

  • Typing (include WPM – Words per Minute)
  • VOIP Phone Systems (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • Google
  • Google Sheets and Docs
  • Common instant message platform like Slack
  • Use of Internet/Intranet
  • Multi-line Phone Systems
  • Business Writing
  • Customer Service
  • Information Management
  • Office Administration
  • Supply Management
  • Data Entry
  • Schedule Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Office Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Data management software

Office Equipment

  • Fax machines
  • Copiers
  • Telephones
  • Internet Connection
  • Shredder
  • Mailing Equipment
  • Multi-function Printer


How to make a Receptionist Resume with no experience?

Experienced Receptionist Resume
Entry Level Receptionist Resume
Main Section Structure

Resume header
Resume Summary
Work experience

Resume header
Objective statement

Extra Sections
  • Languages
  • Awards & Honors
  • Clubs & Memberships
  • Freelance work
  • Personal projects
  • Volunteer work
Reverse Chronological Format
Combined / Hybrid Format
Summary Statement
Summary Statement
Objective statement


What would be a good Objective to put on a resume of an Administrative Assistant?

The beginner, student, fresher, intern, or entry-level job seeker can use an objective statement. Especially, it is applicable in the resume for receptionists with no experience. 

Usually, the objective statement should provide a perfect objective. It shows how the applicant can help the company to achieve the company goals. He can cite the unique skills, competencies, knowledge, and education he/she has. 

The receptionist resume objective samples can show the applicant’s value to the recruiters. 


Are you a Certified Receptionist?

If yes, check whether they are related to computer usage, typing speed, Microsoft Office Suite, office management, Hospitality, or Business fields. Include them under the ‘certifications & licenses’ area. That will add an extra value to your resume.


Can you communicate in different Languages?

Example from an Expert


  • English – Native Speaker
  • French – Working knowledge
  • German – B2
How to create a resume step by step for a Receptionist

Ask from a Professional Receptionist (Best Tips and Secrets)

Quiz #01:- Why a Self-research?

The hair salons, hotels, schools, law firms, banks, insurance and many other private companies hire receptionists. So the requirements for the position are different based on the workplace. 

The hiring managers love to select the most suitable applicant. If you customize your resume based on their needs, They will say, “What a perfect resume?

For that reason, you should research the workplace and the position before creating the front desk receptionist resume sample. 

The job advertisement is an excellent source to understand the position. Also, the social media profiles of the company will provide another set of information. 

So, find out their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or official web page for more details. 

Try to contact the current employees and customers of the premises. They will give some real-time advice for you. 

Quiz #02:- How to add the Keywords in Receptionist Resume?

The keywords represent people, objects, procedures, qualifications, skills, and qualities of a receptionist.

You can find out the most powerful words from your job advert. 

Those keywords should include in your resume meaningfully. Join these words into your resume content, when you write the achievements of resume summary, work experience, or other section.

This sample job notice assists you to recognize the relevant keywords. 

List of the keywords related to a Receptionist

Quiz #03:- What are the powerful Action Verbs for a Receptionist?

The job post contains the best action verbs for a receptionist. Thus, they are different from one advertisement to another. 

Especially, you can start your bullet points of career achievements from a powerful action verb.  

Refer to the below sample advert to find out alternative action verbs.

List of the Action verbs related to a Receptionist

List of Administrative Action Verbs for a Receptionist Resume

  • Answered
  • Assisted
  • Arranged
  • Balanced
  • Booked
  • Calculated
  • Collected
  • Created
  • Cooperated
  • Developed
  • Documented
  • Greeted
  • Helped
  • Maintained
  • Managed
  • Monitored
  • Organized
  • Operated
  • Scheduled
  • Updated

Quiz #04:- Why do you need to write a Receptionist Cover Letter?

The main purpose is to communicate with the recruiters in a friendly manner. Then, you can draw their attention to your resume.

Attempt to highlight unique receptionist skills and abilities in the cover letter. Also, explain the factors cause to apply for the vacancy. Indirectly admire the goodwill and sustainability of the workplace.

They will really impress to know you have researched about them. Cite some positive feedback gained from the current employees and customers.

Finally, you will create a perfect cover letter. Make sure you have attached it with your receptionist resume sample. 

Modern Receptionist Job Hiring Process

modern recruitment process of the janitor


When an organization wants to hire a receptionist to maintain their front desk, they post the vacancy on their website or job posting site. 

Thousands of job seekers send their resumes for the vacancy. 

The modern hiring managers take advantage of the Applicant Tracking System(ATS) to filter top receptionist resumes. Because ATS is quicker and efficient than the recruiters. 

After that, the hiring personnel selects the best front office assistant resumes for the interview. Finally, they select their employee at the interview session.

So you have to consider all these facts when you create your resume as a receptionist.

Receptionist Salary

The average salary of a Receptionist is $27,965 per year. That may be different based on the experience and certifications of the applicant.

Sometimes the recruiters ask about the salary you expect from them. If you face such a situation, state a fair salary for a receptionist. Before that, research the average salary of a front desk worker in your area. 

Otherwise, never mention your salary expectation in your resume

Receptionist Resume Sample (Text Version)

Mia Charlotte


+(310)689 2458

South Carolina, Beaufort


Adaptable and energetic receptionist with 10 years of experience who provides excellent customer service and administrative support by maintaining reception and waiting areas, handling multi-line phone systems, managing schedules, and using MS Office, Millennium, and QuickBooks to facilitate daily office operations.

Work Experience


Dravmonz, California 2017/Jan to Present

  • Answered more than 100 telephone calls per day and maintained the clients by providing correct and relevant information.
  • Checked and updated the schedules and informed the venues of the meetings to the relevant authorities.
  • Maintained sign-in/out logbooks correctly by ensuring the security of the company.


Roniriets, Colorado 2014/May to 2016/Dec

  • Handled more than 200 phone calls, emails and postal mails per day and informed the authorities about the content.
  • Monitored the waiting areas and updated logs by adding guest information to ensure the security of the company.
  • Greeted and maintained the guests in a friendly manner and provided the relevant information as they need.

Front Desk Receptionist

Jexmonix Traders, Kansas 2010/Jan to 2014/Jan

  • Welcome the vendors and clients in a friendly manner and provided the information to satisfy them.
  • Answered more than 150 phone calls and provided the relevant information to book the appointments.
  • Processed the customer bill calculations and provided the balance correctly.

High School Diploma 2007/Jan to 2009/Dec

Carnegie Vanguard High School, Texas

  • Customer focus
  • Active Listening
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Multitasking
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Trustworthy
  • Multi-line Phone Systems
  • Business Writing
  • Computer Aptitude
  • Typing Speed 80 WPM
  • Schedule Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Information Management
  • Accounting

English Native Speaker

German Working Knowledge

Spanish B2