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    If you are a job seeker you must have an impressive resume with you to boost interview chances and to land the right job – fast. If there is a resume already with you, do you know whether it is ATS-friendly or not? That is why there are professionals, resume experts as well as free online ATS checker tools are available on the internet. You can use any of the above to get a review on your resume.

    Generally, a recruiter, hiring manager, HR department or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) takes less than 10 seconds to evaluate your resume. So you need to make it without a single error and more ATS friendly. Just making a resume is easy. But to make a resume which can past the Applicant Tracking System is not easy as that much. Because there are hundreds of things to be considered when making a perfect resume.

    Make sure your resume is perfect. Check your CV or Resume online for free. Hurry! Upload your resume to Priwoo right now and get an instant resume review which could help you to optimize your resume.

    Importance of Priwoo Resume Review

    We have used the latest technologies in the industry such as Artificial Intelligence and MLNLP (machine learning and natural language processing) to develop the resume scanner to give you the best experience in the resume review process. Our ATS checker will analyze whether it is possible to get past an ATS, if not it will suggest you instant feedback on how to optimize your resume. Our Artificial Intelligence will compare your resume with 100,000+ other resumes to give you a more accurate review.

    After you get the instant resume review, the same resume will be allocated to one of our certified career professionals and he/she manually check your resume and will send you a resume critique within two business days. It will be more helpful for you to improve your resume more by using our career professionals’ advice. This is a great chance for every job seeker to have a professional resume review for absolutely free from Priwoo.

    The Importance of Human and Algorithmic Resumes Review.


    Today, a professional could manually evaluate a resume but mistakes can occur since it is done through a single brain. On the other hand, automated systems could perform more efficiently but it won’t be able to analyse the qualities of a resume. Thus, the requirement of a hybrid system is vital in every angle. We identified this problem and then the Priwoo, the hybrid resume review tool, came up as the solution.
    We guarantee 100% privacy of your personal information.

    Factors we considered in Priwoo Resume Review.

    Our AI and career coaches will check the Brevity, Impact, Skills and Style on your resume. Within 48 hours, you will get an email with personalized feedback as there is on the right side below.


    A resume should be impressive to the one who reads it, and it must feel to them. Convey your story to the reader in a demanding manner. So try to include quantifiable results, action verbs without a single grammatical and spelling errors.


    This is a key point when you are writing a resume. Summarized, clean and precise use of words in your resume expects here. Keep your resume short and to the point. Do not overuse keywords. It might get a chance to reject your resume as the ATS will detect it as keyword stuffing.


    Checks whether you are using of suitable and appropriate template style, inconsistent punctuation or dates, and is it an Application Tracking System (ATS) friendly resume or not. Also, you have to use a standard font (Verdana, Cambria) and font size (10-14) to your resume.


    You have to show your hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities such as programming, designing etc. Soft skills are the qualities of a person that makes him/her a good employee such as leadership, communication, teamwork etc.

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    We deeply analyze below under each factor mentioned above.

    Writing Style, Action Verbs and Keyword

    Our system will review your resume focusing on writing style, usage of appropriate action verbs and keywords in order to upgrade it to the standard level.

    Visualization & Formatting

    Our system will check whether the critical points are in appropriate places, and the resume template is attractive enough. Moreover, it will also review the clarity of text and font further.

    Job Specific AnalysisComing soon

    Compare resume description with relevant experience, education qualifications and skills. Check whether resume too generic.

    ATS friendly

    Our system will check whether the resume is readable at the ATS system. And also it will analyse the description & skillset of the resume and coincide with the job description.

    Grammar and spelling mistakes

    Over 60% of resumes are rejected because of grammar and spelling mistakes. Our system will guide and help you to avoid those in order to make your resume look more professional.

    Resume Length and depth

    Our system will check the length of the resume according to your experience, and also whether the resume is perfectly prepared for individual requirements and standards of the current job market.

    Priwoo has developed an AI to analyze thousands of resume data. It is getting smarter and smarter to gives you a perfect resume review.

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    What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

    Did you know that over 75% of resumes are automatically rejected by robots before even a single human sees it? Yes, it is. That is because most of the companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or Resume Filtering Technologies to streamline their hiring process. An Applicant Tracking System is a software application which is widely used by the human resource departments in many companies including Fortune 500, and it is very similar to Customer relationship management systems, but specially designed for the recruitment tracking purposes. They use ATS to organize the resumes that coming to them. Some of the companies use this ATS to scan the resumes, and selected resumes will be sent to the recruiters which they think it meets certain qualifications. So keep it in mind that every single resume went to the robot before it goes to the HR manager or recruiter. This is because companies are governed by equal employment opportunity laws to prevent unfair hiring practices. And it is possible to call for you for a position in the same company as the ATS stores your resume.

    Applicant tracking system ranks the resume by keywords and, some filters which are made by the recruiters. ATS is scanned for both soft skills and hard skills. In the sense of hard skills, it means the things that are technical and teachable while soft skills are the things which are hard to quantify such as leadership, communication, teamwork etc. As you are a job seeker, you have to make your resume ATS-friendly to get the right job, fast. Upload your resume here to get a free resume review.

    Smart Tip: An ATS does not care about fun facts labelled yourself as, such as motivated, result-driven, self-starter, high performer etc. Not only the ATS. But also the recruiters.

    Applicant Tracking System is the most important tool for Google recruiters as well, in their recruiting process because it has a centralized area to track everything of an applicant.

    Priwoo’s AI checks your resume with ATS requirements.

    We have our own Applicant Tracking System (ATS) at Priwoo, which can check your resume with the ATS requirements. If your resume is not good enough to get past ATS, our AI will give you some tips and suggestions to make them correct.

    There are some key points which ATS always looking for in a resume. Actually, a human being can not check that, but only an ATS. Given below are some facts which an ATS concerns about your resume.


    A resume should be straightforward without any mistakes. It should include your summary, experience, education, skills and additional information.


    It is recommended to keep your resume around 750 words.


    Try to write your CV or resume with a standard font type such as; Arial, Calibri, Georgia, Helvetica etc.… Keep your resume font size between 10-12.


    Save your resume in a file format like PDF or DOCX. (Most recommended PDF)


    Tailor the resume with the keywords on the job posting. But be careful not to take part in keyword stuffing. Otherwise, it will tend to reject your resume.


    Include the soft skills and hard skills to your resume, which identified in the job description.


    Include relevant software skills if you have any.


    Do not use any graphics or photos to your resume. A well-written and impactful resume must be your target when making resume, not the style.


    Use standard and simple headings for resume sections.

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